The Journey Begins

This is the first podcast in the series and it took the shape of an interview between myself and Sam Fisher. He asks questions about this practice and why I began developing and sharing it. This podcast will explore our being human and offer tools and insights through the Sound Body Wisdom practice. It’s a […]


I recently spent substantial time with 6 month old twins (the children of dear friends). Being with them in abundance and so closely I was reminded so profoundly of the wide eyed wonder we are at that age. I was able to see these eyes and minds shaping to every little stimulus of touch, visual, […]

it’s not about cloud floating

Even in a space of loving myself every moment of the day…….I still have personality.  (My humanity is part of my divinity.)  I am not trying to get rid of my personality, opinions and quirks……I am simply trying to shift the ways in which I have learned to be judgemental of them.  I am understanding […]

parts work (part 1)

I thought I would talk about one of the main ways I function in life since sometimes it sounds confusing to people when I talk about my ‘parts’.  For me, the term ‘part’ makes perfect sense but I realize it might be a stretch for others out of context. So, here goes…… Many years ago […]

parts work (part 2)

As you may notice, there is a ‘part’ of me speaking directly to other ‘parts’ of me. It was important that the part asking the questions wasn’t simply another part or thought pattern based in feeling bad about myself or limited in any way. The aspect of me that does the ‘noticing’ and asking questions […]


Tell them I’m struggling to sing with angels who hint at it in black words printed on old paper gold-edged by time Tell them I wrestle the mirror every morning Tell them I sit here invisible in space Nose running, coffee cold and bitter Tell them I tell them everything & everything is never enough […]

Jimi Hendrix

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” What does power mean to you?  Are there different types of power? Do you think there is a difference between ‘power over’ and ’empowerment’? How does power play out in the most subtle ways in your day to day exchanges? […]

power of perception

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. ~ William Blake I am curious about perceptions and how they serve (and do not serve) each of us individually and collectively. So, I must dive into what we know about the development and function of perception as well […]

start small

Just one little thread. That’s all. Notice one small thread and just tug at it and see where it goes. That is my love of metaphor speaking to the fabric of each of us. We are such an elaborate ‘weave’. So why not today…..or even right now…….take a few minutes. Let yourself think of a […]

and on it goes

I was talking with someone who was reflecting on her adult son and how she felt that he hadn’t lived up to his ‘potential’….and he was wasting his life and was ‘lazy’. Her thoughts didn’t seem mean-spirited and in fact she expressed a desire for him to be able to better take care of himself. […]

simple exercise

Make a list of all the ‘titles’ you identify with.  For example: mother, daughter, employee, caretaker, friend, lover, teacher etc. Then also list all the adjectives or descriptives you identify with: friendly, adventurous, smart, talented, stupid (include all sides of the coin), insensitive, funny, abrupt, intense, charismatic, musical, boring, talk to much, prompt, unreliable, stingy, […]

Love > Fear ~part1

Fear is one of the greatest mechanisms for control. Since the beginning humans have felt awed and overwhelmed by the force of nature and the natural world.  I can only imagine the level of fear in experiencing the first thunder storm or other powerful acts of nature.  Before the mind and science had developed, it […]

Love > Fear ~ part2

So, I offer a perpetual practice of questioning.  And I think it is certainly a practice because otherwise we tend to coast on auto-pilot (conditioning, convenient generalizations or limiting assumptions) and we can go to ‘sleep’ and take for granted the incredible possibilities for being kind and compassionate unconditionally.  If we can ‘wake ourselves up’ […]