The New Book is Available!

Hello everyone and hope you are well! I am excited to announce that Touching the Invisible: A Field Guide for Living is now available. After almost 3 years it is humbling and exciting to have it completed. The book is over 500 pages of insights into mind body, neuroscience, biology, awareness and a behind-the-scenes look […]

Awareness insight and exercise

I have been speaking to the importance of awareness and why it is essential. Here is a simple exercise I call ‘Body Scan’ to help you build your personal awareness. You can do it in as little as a few minutes or longer when you have the time. This episode offers you the basics so you […]

Tuning our Somatic Awareness

Somatic awareness is another way of saying ‘felt awareness’. It is something we each cultivate personally and it is not found outside of us. When we broaden our Somatic awareness, our inherent wisdom of our body, energy and even life force align or develop. We might find that as this happens we notice a natural […]

The Brain on Love

The Brain on Love   Definitions on the table Self Love can mean many things to many people and has been a popular topic in many self-help books. It is something we often know and observe as being of critical importance to our general well being and yet it still eludes a majority of the […]

All Parts Included

I wanted to look at the art and challenge of self-acceptance; the practice of accepting ourselves with all of our unique foibles, idiosyncrasies and less than shiny bits. (No ifs, ands or buts.) This practice is so essential because it fundamentally informs the way we perceive the world, others and our own self. And our […]

Reclaiming intuition

The idea of ‘health’ is not a new topic of discussion. And there is no end to the opinions and variety of ways to be ‘healthy’. As I navigate my own questions regarding health I am committed to discovering more about what my body may (or may not) know. And what I am learning is […]

Life is Art

Sitting with my tea, I was watching the movements of this mind…..playing the intermediary (or multiple advocate) for the unfolding of thoughts I was having. I was amused by the constant tweak in perception these contrasting advocate roles offered, how it could show me some new aspect to the thought beyond my attachments. Then my […]

You are the Path

If you are someone that knows me…or perhaps reads any of these ponderings….you would likely know that I spend much of my time examining my thoughts/heart space, dismantling my sense of ‘self’ and attempting to see all of life from as many perspectives as possible (without my brain exploding). I don’t practice any of this […]

beyond personality

I was recently talking with a friend about the challenges that can arise in seeing all people as equal (yet different). We were actually discussing a basic Buddhist perspective that everyone is ‘the Buddha’ or has Buddha nature. For me, regardless of the ‘spiritual’ teaching or text…..essential equality is a simple truth. In my authentic […]

Neutral witnessing exercise

What if you tried this…. Imagine yourself along with a large group of people in a room or space. See yourself. See everyone (both people you know and that you do not). And as you look around notice the thoughts and feelings that begin to arise. Notice any opinions, concepts or judgements that ensue. To clarify […]

‘but why’…..

Why do I write? I think it is a process of refinement and discernment through words and energy. Perhaps it is a way of pulling threads and coalescing as I go. I am not sure exactly…but a process. And I witness so much as I go….. Observe….. So much curiosity all entwined in this being […]

A song

Do you have one of those songs…? ….. one that can just create a sense of wide open space or ‘peace’ within you? It’s as if everything falls away and this sense of calm and respite fills you. It’s almost like nostalgia but without the ‘ache’ because you feel content…home. {Nostalgia- a wistful desire to […]

How is it that…..

I constantly come back to this same curiosity….. 
”Why wouldn’t we love ourselves every moment of the day?” Why not love authentically and unconditionally and how could this question ever get old or redundant? When we love ourselves and live this inner experience of unconditioned Love it seems that what follows is that this love […]