Mentoring Sessions

Sound Body Wisdom is for those who want to learn about themselves and shift patterns in their lives with focused attention.  This is a step towards getting unstuck, learning to fully thrive and find balance.  

Are you ready to step into the space of possibility that already exists within you?

This is where we begin.


I believe each of us is able to grow, change, evolve and heal and I know that none of us does it in isolation. There are many titles (or methods) for the relationship we form with someone who helps us on this journey and for me, I see this as a form of mentoring. Or another term that resonates for me is Anam Cara (Soul Friend). It is a Galeic phrase that refers to a teacher or guide with which you can show your most authentic self. It is a relationship where you are understood without the usual pretense. It is a vulnerable and expansive space. Regardless of what we call it, I believe in the transformative power of our connection.

Our time together is guided towards understanding you as a whole person and the challenges that are speaking to you now. There are many tools to tap into and my responsibility, as guide, is one that I assume with great honor. I also believe that as you learn and grow, you will be creating practical tools to continually work beyond each session.

The practice begins with cultivating your awareness as the foundation while integrating tools, exercises and techniques adapted specifically for you. The work we do depends on the initial consultation, your individual needs and the evolution in each session.

Sound Body Wisdom has supported individuals to relieve stress, quiet inner chatter, find meaning, shift conditioned emotional responses, cultivate a greater sense of health, well being and overall resource. As you learn this practice (learning yourself) the changes you make will expand into all areas of your life.

In this practice, you will receive my focus and care. There are many different layers to each of our lives and that’s why it is essential to view each person uniquely. My commitment is to listen to your specific needs and develop a practice that will best serve your ability to thrive.

I never doubt the ability of each and every one of us to instigate the changes we desire.
 Sometimes it takes an outside guide to witness patterns, offer tools and insights to make the lasting changes we seek. It is an honor to be that guide for you.

Working together I will address specific qualities or patterns you would like to shift. I will meet you wherever you are and together we will develop a practice that serves your needs and desires.

I offer a free 20 minute consultation.  This initial consult helps us decide if we are a good fit on this journey together.  I have learned a few things about what makes for a great connection and these are: a willingness to change, a desire to shift habits and a commitment to doing the work.

Our work together can happen in person, Skype or phone. I am also available for private sessions while in host cities for my workshops.

Contact me now to set up your free consult.

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