Sound Body Workshops

Sound Body Wisdom is an interactive practice and experiential form that draws on the wisdom of the body in motion, sound, somatic-based therapies and life.


Participants will be led with group, partnered and individual exercises in movement, breath, awareness, voice and rhythm. We will learn the movement of our body through weight exchange, exploring space and non-verbal communication. We will find connection with our breath and bring breath into sound through vocal exercises and rhythm jams. Personal expression and insight will be nourished along the way in each phase of the workshop. The work will emphasize the art of awareness and the capacity to sense, feel and think in each situation: re-learning and integrating our physical, emotional and creative bodies. Sound Body Wisdom supports the wisdom of inner connectivity leading to outer expressivity and overall personal growth.

Sound Body Wisdom is a balance of energetic play and subtle listening that invigorates, challenges and empowers while deepening our understanding of the wisdom of our bodies. It draws upon the research and wisdom of mind body techniques, creative expression and neuroscience to offer practical insight and deeper learning into one’s own experience of body, mind and spirit. I encourage people to find their edge while listening to their core, moving beyond conditioned patterns.

The workshop is a space for creative exploration, curiosity and personal development through:

~ Sound, vibration, pulse and rhythm

~ Expressive movement and voice

~ Improvisation and structured exercises

~ Reflection and witnessing techniques

Participants will leave with greater insight towards what gets in their way of being fully embodied, discover more energy and connection in their day to day life. In this workshop you will be given tools that are supportive in the moment but will stay with you for a lifetime.

This workshop is for anyone wanting to find new depth and freedom in their connection to self as well as the world around them. Participants will discover creative exchange, authentic expression and new pathways of experiencing daily life connected to their patterns of thoughts and emotions. We will explore the joy of play and the depths of reflection to support gentle movement beyond conditioned patterns, gathering new tools and insight in this practice.

When we gather as a group there are therapeutic and energetic values that are different than working one on one. The potency of each person as witness, our interactions, dynamics and unexpected juxtapositions offers the opportunity for great depth of exploration. Workshops focus on awareness and personal edges but also allow for more invigorating play. Group play can be an essential part of discovering what limits our ability to thrive in our lives. Each phase of the workshop is guided with reflection, tools for personal awareness and unwinding stress.

I have over 25 years experience creating workshops and classes in diverse settings.
I custom design workshops of any length and offer them internationally.

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A journey of personal expression, the body in motion, voice, breath and awareness practices.