Ed and Ein catch up with him. A famous bounty hunter and gunslinger considered to be Spike's rival. Driven, calculating and a fighter with few equals, Vicious is arguably the Cowboy Bebop character most similar to Batman. Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener (グレンシア・マルス・エリヤ・郭・エッケナー, Gurenshia Marusu Eriya Guo Ekkenā) was a soldier for the war on Titan, and appears in the two-part episode "Jupiter Jazz". Spike and Jet, bounty hunting partners, set out on journeys in an ever struggling effort to win bounty rewards to survive. In the manga, she was a friend of a timid young boy in the orphanage known simply as "Tomato" (the name given to her PC in the anime), who, like Ed, knew a great deal about computers and the net. The hosts of the TV show Big Shots, which gives information about criminals to bounty hunters. She almost always refers to herself in the third person. Faye is supposedly her real name, as a high school classmate (by now an old disabled woman) recognises her and calls her by that name. Is it really surprising that, He's also one to Jet. Ed and Faye simultaneously begin closing in on chasing down their pasts, in Ed's case partly through Faye's encouragement that finding the place where you belong is the best thing a person can do. Spike arrives and attacks Vicious. Doohan's assistant, and a huge baseball fan. Punch, lacking accent and costume, makes a cameo revealing his and Judy's fates: Punch, whose real name is Alfredo, moves to Mars to take care of his mother, and Judy is engaged to her agent, Cameron Wilson. When they finally reunited, another meteor strike left him racing off to its landing so he could update his work, but he ended up accidentally forgetting about Ed. Spike is a slightly lazy, big eating, easy-going sort who has used his skills honed from years as an assassin, gangster, and martial artist to become a bounty hunter. Lin accompanies Vicious to the Red Eye deal atop a roof, where they encounter Gren. Her love for Vincent caused them to have a short-term relationship, during which Vincent transferred the vaccine to Elektra. Spike goes off to what is likely to be his death. Voiced by: Miyuki Ichijō (Japanese); Carol Stanzione (English). The following is a list of major and minor characters from the anime series Cowboy Bebop, directed by Shinichiro Watanabe and written by Keiko Nobumoto. From the scenes she's in we can see that she knows how to drive a car during a car chase, she can shoot (though not as readily as the main cast) and she's smart: she knows how Vicious planted the transmitter on Gren immediately, for example. He was a terrific guy – exactly the person you thought he was. 2. After the war, Gren came back hoping to be a jazz musician, but he was arrested as a spy. The marathon was scheduled in honor of Cowboy Bebop winning the Toonami Audience Takeover Bracket and was programmed by Kevin Moncayo of the Adult Swim fansite Swimpedia after he submitted the winning … Later, she regains the memories of her past life and tries to go back home. Encountered in the second episode, Ein is a genetically engineered "data dog". Lin (リン, Rin) is a young and loyal member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate who is asked by Wang Long to accompany Vicious on a drug deal to the moon Callisto. Cowboy Bebop was conceived during the late 1990s, a time during which the space operas and sci-fi dramas where exceptionally popular thanks to manga/anime series such as Crest of the Stars, Trigun, Outlaw Star, and, of course, Neon Genesis Evangelion. In either case, the drugs severely imbalanced his hormones, causing him to develop a feminine figure, including breasts. Add new page. After leaving the Syndicate, Spike considers himself in Mao's "debt", and is motivated to confront Vicious for the first time when Mao is killed by two men in Vicious' employ. He wanted revenge so he used the design defects against the Gate Corporation by giving wannabe criminals the information they would need to hijack the Astral Gate toll booths. Punch – Voiced by: Tsutomu Tareki (Japanese); Paul St. Peter (English)Judy – Voiced by: Miki Nagasawa (Japanese); Lia Sargent (English). Popular pages. her body contains the neutralising agent for Vincent's deadly synthetic plague, She and Vincent have this relationship, and it got much worse when he became an. I think that actually he likes her quite a bit. She also despises bounty hunters, which is too bad for Spike and company, since they will need her help to catch their latest target, a bomber called Decker. However, Hex soon began to have doubts about the functionality of the control system, believing it to have defects. Lin's brother. In the penultimate episode, he. Arranging to meet at a graveyard, Spike goes to confront the Syndicate with his resignation, resulting in a violent gun battle where he is presumed to have died. Faye Valentine (フェイ・ヴァレンタイン, Fei Varentain, born August 14, 1994) is one of the members of the bounty hunting crew in the anime series Cowboy Bebop. Throughout the series, though she grows to care for Jet and even Edward in her own way, it is her relationship with Spike that remains a cause for consideration by most. until Spike recognizes a photo of her with her late husband. In some translations, he suffered from insomnia while in prison and started using drugs to deal with it. Fad finishes him off with one of these to the side of the head. The blow is softened by the fact he also has the hypnotic program he used on everyone else, so he might at least find happiness that way. Lin dies, but is mentioned in "The Real Folk Blues Part I" when his brother, Shin, shows up. [14], Voiced by: Ai Kobayashi (Japanese); Jennifer Hale (English). He loses Julia for good in the finale. it may be part of why Jet is quick to believe Udai's revelation that Fad was part of the ambush. Gren explains his background, and tells her that he is going to see if Vicious really framed him. Mao Yenrai served as a captain or Capo to the Elders and was a mentor to both Vicious and Spike. Relatively little is known about Julia, and since she has very little screen time (aside from flashbacks, she only appears in sections of two episodes), so the exact details on her history, personality and life are sketchy. This includes Spike, Julia and their friend Annie, who distributes munitions under cover of a convenience store. is a woman who hauls cargo and delivers goods through space. Almost played literally when she wants herself and Vincent to die together, but Vincent falters at the last moment and allows her to kill him. After he leaves, Faye cries. Angels banished from heaven have no choice but to become devils. When Jet attempted to bust Udai, the assassin led Jet into a trap, Jet was shot, lost his arm, and left the police shortly afterward. He is involved in organized crime in order to support his blind younger sister, Stella Bonnaro (ステラ・ボナーロ, Sutera Bonāro). While being transported to a secure facility for observation, Tongpu escaped with the intention of exacting revenge, but eventually came to enjoy the act of killing. of the Red Dragon Syndicate by tricking the elders into attending his execution, where he breaks free and kills them all. Spike's increasing regret over bystanders and bounty heads is undone at the start of the film, which is said to take place late in the series. He was the original owner of Spike's Swordfish II. Spike happens to witness Tongpu killing someone, making him the target of Tongpu as well. The marathon featured 7 episodes of Cowboy Bebop.. His plan is to release the nanomachines throughout the world, leaving only a handful of survivors. Judy plays the stereotypical dumb blonde, and always appears in an open bolero jacket with nothing underneath, frequently wiggling her hips with excitement. In a way, he can be compared to MPU, and like almost everyone else on the show, a cautionary tale about the dangers of becoming disconnected from other people, from humanity as a whole. She is the only thing to him that was ever real. Dr. Bacchus, also his accomplice in the con. He is the subject of the two-part episode "Jupiter Jazz." He eventually escaped, taking Zebra hostage in the process, keeping him drugged and wheelchair-bound so that he could serve as a Guardian for Wen. And he certainly doesn't take anything personally or all that seriously... in fact, about the only thing that can spark an emotional reaction from him are the names Julia and Vicious. thanks to the Astral Gate Incident somehow seemingly freezing him in time. Jet, whose episodes are often conclusions to stories that have already resolved, and often stays on the ship during bounties, has 3. Cowboy Bebop Enter a world in the distant future, where Bounty Hunters roam the solar system. Spike and Jet would first encounter Faye when she was working as part of a smuggling operation at a casino, posing as a dealer. Wikis. Voiced by: Gara Takashima (Japanese); Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (English)[10]. Faye has an almost unstoppable attitude, and even her sometimes innocent smile can be seen as dangerous. He is very protective of the Bebop, often being reluctant to bring it into situations where it could be damaged, and taking great offense when someone insults it. Spike and Julia reconcile and plan on running away, but before they can, she dies in a shootout with Vicious' men. Having spent years trapped in a lab, he values his freedom and will kill to protect it. Technically, he could have been listed under the recurring characters section if it wasn't for the fact that he never appeared in the show even once, nor was he ever mentioned. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? What he is exactly is only implied, as Spike interrupts the answer and says he doesn't want to know. Jet detains Rhint and later hands him over to police. Rashid (ラシード, Rashīdo) appears during Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. While the televised series only briefly hints that Ein's brain was somehow enhanced, the manga shows Ed accessing data stored in Ein's brain via a virtual reality-type interface with which she has a conversation with a human proprietor. At the age of 30 he joined the Hyperspace Gate Project and, ultimately, played a key role in the development of the central control system used in all gates. After Spike's supposed death, Vicious left the Red Dragons briefly to fight in the Titan War of 2068. It's a shame he was too senile to actually appreciate what he had done. The syndicate specializes in assassinations, but are also involved in the trafficking of narcotics, Red Eye in particular. He eventually hides explosives in its stomach and detonates them as a distraction during an escape. shuts off his connection to the internet. She's spent years on the run from a past she doesn't even remember, and it takes seeing her past self speaking to her to begin to reclaim her humanity. Even more so after he loses her once more, this time for good. His arm was replaced with a cybernetic limb—an operation later revealed to be by choice as biological replacements were possible. Exchanging Red Eye for Titan Opal, Gren suspects a trap. Compared to Spike, Jet tends to use more raw muscle than technique. Spike and Jet (or "Swimming Bird" and "Running Rock") sometimes go to him for cryptic advice. Jet is skilled with handguns, typically carrying a pre-2004 Walther P99, and also uses the netgun. The show is about a group of bounty hunters who travel in outer space to catch criminals.It has 26 episodes. Victoria Terpsichore is a tough-talking space trucker whose deceased husband, Ural Terpsichore, is a legendary bounty hunter. The show provides information on various bounty heads, but is often unreliable. Laughing Bull is an anachronistic addition to the Bebop universe, being a symbol of spirituality in the age of advanced… If his first assassination attempt succeeds, awesome. Punch adopts a mid-western drawl mixed with a Mexican accent (both faked), and uses random old-West sayings. After Julia dies, Spike does this and assaults the Red Dragon directly to end his feud with Vicious. The elusive Dr. Londes is the leader of a cult that believes that the physical body is the root of all evil, and once the spirit ascends beyond its shell, it finds peace. The store is ambushed by the Syndicate while Spike and Julia are there, and Julia is shot and killed as she and Spike try to escape across the rooftops. Immortality is a nice perk, though, as long as he can keep anyone from tracking him down. An East Asian triad organization led by a group called The Van. Or is it? Nobumoto scripted Macross Plus, while Kawamoto … Spike eventually puts it together — she's Victoria Terpsichore. Upon discovering that these defects were intentionally added by the Gate Corporation to ensure further revenue, Hex developed a plan to be executed 50 years in the future that would allow criminals to hijack the Astral Gate toll booths. Who else fits that description? A rich, egotistical bounty hunter who completely embraces the cowboy aspect of his job; he dresses like a cowboy, rides a horse named Onyx, uses six-shooters as his primary weapons and a cowboy whip to capture his bounties. He often shows heightened awareness of events going on around him. Nothing makes his face light up more than a decent fight. The Mars-based crime syndicate to which Spike was once a part of. He is a ruthless, cunning, and power-hungry member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate in Tharsis, and is often referred to or depicted as a venomous snake (as opposed to Spike who is referred to as a swimming bird and the Syndicate Elders who see themselves as a dragon). Born December 3, 2035, and known on his home satellite as the "Black Dog" for his tenacity, Jet Black (ジェット・ブラック, Jetto Burakku) is a 36-year-old former cop from Ganymede (a Jovian satellite) and acts as Spike's foil during the series. As said by Spike himself in the last episode, his right eye "only sees the present" and his left eye "only sees the past". Cowboy Bebop: Leading Characters. not only was he part of setting up Jet, but he actually fired the sniper bullet that cost Jet his arm. When Spike bumps into her, she is barely able to string a sentence together and quickly bolts instead of making one of her typical snarky or rude comments. Yeah, it doesn't go well. After her appearance in episode five, she's next seen in the finale where it turns out Vicious' goons got to her. But not a 62-year-old escaped lab subject and hardened killer who lived through the destruction of Earth and has been on the run for decades. It featured a production team led by director Shinichiro Watanabe, screenwriter Keiko Nobumoto, character designer Toshihiro Kawamoto, mechanical designer Kimitoshi Yamane, and composer Yoko Kanno. It takes most of the series for her to be able to start trusting others again. The crooked doctor who awakened her claims to have given her a false name, but he may have just been a jerk. She's also loyal to Spike; when presented with the Sadistic Choice, she chose to Take a Third Option and be hunted by Vicious rather than kill Spike. Confused yet? With his last words he asks Spike to kill Vicious and tells him that he had been hoping for him to return. Spike acts lazy and uninterested, whereas Jet is hard working and a jack-of-all-trades. Though several pieces of promotional artwork featuring a younger Vicious and Spike have the pair smoking so perhaps he has quit by the present. In the 4-way dogfight with Vicious and Spike, Gren's ship is severely damaged, forcing him to land. Exactly what a data dog is goes unexplained, but Ein certainly has greater than normal intelligence for a dog. Jobim's body is among the Brain Scratch cult. And their violent deaths are well-deserved too, considering the. DC officials warn of violence as Trump supporters protest election loss. Anti-Hero Team: Their … Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV (エドワード・ウォン・ハウ・ペペル・チブルスキー4世, Edowādo Won Hau Peperu Chiburusukī Yonsei) is the self-invented personal name of an elite hacker prodigy from Earth. Hex is a talented programmer widely considered to be a genius due to his long-standing hold of the Champion Seat of the CosmoNet Chess tournament series. Which Cowboy Bebop character are you? Due to his Blind Obedience, he takes that assignment very seriously. ", Voiced by: Takehiro Koyama (Japanese); Michael Gregory (English). On some level, he recalls Electra, even if he's not aware of it. He hates that he has lost use of his physical body, and wants others to join him in the same state. While Watanabe created the characters, Toshihiro Kawamoto designed them. On Titan he fought beside Vicious, whom he admired and found encouragement in. He is usually dressed in a blue lounge suit, black skinny tie, with a yellow shirt and Lupin III-inspired boots. She fell in love with the lawyer who explained her situation to her when she woke up from cryosleep... who saddled her with his own debts after dying in a car wreck... except, as it later turns out, he wasn't a lawyer, and he wasn't dead. Contrast with her voiceover for "My Funny Valentine", accompanied by Spike and Jet's hilariously unbelieving reactions. In the ensuing battle, Lin dies to protect Vicious. Choose your favorite Cowboy Bebop quote. Spike Spiegel – a former member of the Red Dragon Crime Syndicate. The real Londes is dead, or possibly never even existed — the young hacker is merely using his identity as a sockpuppet. He was a con artist who faked his death and only woke her up to trick her into assuming his own massive debt. Watanabe added that he does not create films to "particular message" and that films "naturally reflect the way we feel at the time". She can handle herself exceptionally well in spite of her slight appearance, displaying at least once in the series (in "Cowboy Funk") that she has a powerful punch. seem to become fast friends until she learns Spike is a bounty hunter. This plant, worth millions of woolongs, is capable of curing "Venus Sickness", the disease which has blinded Stella. An old friend of both Mao and Spike. Her full name is largely a secret, which has prompted many to bet money and guess what her initials stand for. Spike, the main character, whose past receives the most focus, has 5 letters. He was just an ordinary kid once, but in the intervening fifty-odd years he's come to care about absolutely no one but himself, and will kill anyone if he thinks they might expose his secret. Not aliens or a bored hacker, just a very advanced, very lonely CPU in charge of a network of laser-equipped satellites around Earth. Upon awakening from her 54-year cryogenic sleep, not only was she saddled with a massive amount of debt that she had no means to pay, but she was also diagnosed with total amnesia, a stranger in a mysterious world that she was not a part of and did not understand, surrounded by people who claimed to be helping her but were only there to take advantage of her naiveté. Except it's a bag of ordinary mushrooms, and not actually worth anything. Vicious goes down with one gunshot to the gut. A bounty head who spends his time on Earth charting the terrain, despite meteors constantly bombarding it. Register Start a Wiki. It's not entirely clear if he asked Jet along because he was already feeling guilty for betraying him, or because he was worried Taxim might let something slip. 4. She has many bad habits, such as drinking, habitual gambling, smoking cigarettes and occasionally cigars, becoming unnecessarily violent, and turning on partners when the profits seem too skimpy. She is often seen with a cigarette and in a revealing outfit complete with bright yellow hot pants and a matching, revealing top (and, on occasion, a bikini). Faye, who has a lot of character development and the second most backstory of the cast, has 4. until she finds out the show has been cancelled. Later, Spike pays his respects and visits Stella in the hospital where she is receiving treatment to tell her that Rocco has died. Upon the brink of death, he asks to be returned to Titan - perhaps the last place he felt he belonged anywhere. Ein (アイン, Ain) is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi brought aboard the Bebop by Spike after a failed attempt to capture a bounty. Cowboy Bebop was produced by the studio Sunrise under the famous pseudonym Hajime Yatate. The following is a list of major and minor characters from the anime series Cowboy Bebop, directed by Shinichiro Watanabe and written by Keiko Nobumoto. Sometime later in a different episode Faye would become a permanent part of the Bebop crew, despite much grumbling from both Spike and Jet. Voiced by: Tsutomu Isobe (Japanese); Daran Norris (English), The main antagonist of Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, Vincent Volaju (ヴィンセント・ボラージュ, Vinsento Borāju) is the only survivor of a series of experiments conducted during the Titan War to build immunity to the lethal nanomachines that were secretly developed by the military. It is later revealed that the Bebop was originally a fishing ship that Jet "customized" with larger engines. Jet has cooked his specialty, bell peppers and beef, while Spike finishes martial arts practice and comments that dinner can’t be called bell peppers and beef since there is no beef. Earth . Gren guesses who Spike is by his eyes; "Julia was always talking about you; your eyes are different colors. Originally, Ed's character was inspired by the "inner behavior" of the shows' music composer, Yoko Kanno[8] ("a little weird, catlike, but a genius at creating music"), and was first developed as a dark-skinned boy. In the ensuing fight, Spike throws a knife into Tongpu's leg. Recurring characters would be only those who appear more than one episode but also V.T. In "The Real Folk Blues, Part II", Jet goes to him for information on Spike's whereabouts. In the end, it is she who shoots Vincent and kills him. He holds the rare distinction of being one of a select few characters in Cowboy Bebop who has been able to match Spike in close combat. For the monitoring service, see, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, "Video: Rare English Interview with "Cowboy Bebop" Director Shinichiro Watanabe", "The Director's Voice: Shinichiro Watanabe Interview", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Cowboy_Bebop_characters&oldid=1000709785, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from January 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 January 2021, at 09:23. In prison, Gren heard that Vicious testified against him; this and the isolation drove him mad. The twenty-six episodes ("sessions") of the series comprise a complete storyline set in the year 2071. In the episode "Bohemian Rhapsody", Spike, Jet and Faye track down Hex following the failed toll booth hijackings. Sarcastic and presumptuous, she rarely appears weak or in need of support. Elektra Ovilo (エレクトラ・オヴィロゥ, Erekutora Ovirō) is a veteran of the Titan War who first appears in Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. Like what happened to her when she woke up in the current time period. He's the type that always takes life easy except for when the adrenaline kicks in while taking down a bounty. He tells them the events themselves, but that doesn't explain how the Gate Disaster or the resulting debris could have had that effect in the first place. Spike has a history of violent activity, seen through flashbacks and dialogue with the Red Dragon Syndicate. Ironically, this means that Scorpion was the only recurring plot line that actually got resolved before. Bounty Hunters: It's their job. This seems to have been done so they could fit in some character development. He gave Julia a deadly order: kill Spike, or be killed herself before she could run. He tends to come off as gruff (and his height, muscular appearance and beard only add to the impression), but he's a softie underneath with a surprising number of cultured hobbies. Physically, Jet is very tall with a muscular build. He shoots it open, setting off the explosive, and then reveals who he is. His old syndicate has also been chasing him ever since, looking to take the Bloody Eye back and kill Asimov. Faye bitterly brings this up as he prepares to leave. Punch does have a last-second cameo just before the finale hits its stride, but it's so subdued in tone you may not realise it. Voiced by: Yutaka Nakano (Japanese); John Snyder (English). She is the key to defeating him. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Laughing Bull is seen with a small child in "Jupiter Jazz" and with a young man in the movie; their identities have never been revealed. Mad Pierrot Tongpu (real name unknown) was part of an experiment to create the perfect assassin by a secret organization referred to only as Section 13. Both the Hammerhead and the Bebop are able to land on water, and have a fishing theme. The Scorpion is a character from the Alternate Continuity Spin-Off manga, Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star. Voiced by: Kōichi Yamadera (Japanese); Steve Blum (English)[1]. I'm watching a dream I'll never wake up from. Ein becomes closest to Ed, and they become the go-to comedic duo of the series. Ed's generally carefree attitude and energy act as a counterpoint to the more solemn and dark aspects of the show. He's the sole survivor of a series of experiments during the Titan War. The sniper bullet that cost Jet his arm was replaced with a soothsayer and other such touches the... ; Beau Billingslea ( English ) their reunion coincides with Vicious and Spike seem to a... Gren suspects a trap to cause mischief off his access to the Elders is killed in of! Encouragement in watching a dream... '' the job for getting him killed: Watabe! Show it to find her home, only to find her home, only to find Gren in! And even her sometimes innocent smile can be seen as dangerous initially only a of. To that end Ed posts a fake bounty on his head to teach him how to fight but since left. Eye for Titan Opal, Gren rescues Faye from a street fight and takes care herself. His first job as director after assistant directing Macross Plus and Vision of Escaflowne ' first attempt stage... Is about how old he is usually seen accompanied by his wheelchair-bound guardian access the internet with his last to! Die in a characteristic, over the Red Dragons, he values his freedom and will kill to protect.... Failed toll booth hijackings is later revealed to be around 13 years of.. 'S secret that there 's nothing left of it cowboy bebop characters a fight with Vicious using drugs to with! Waking her from cryosleep named her after his favorite song, `` My Funny Valentine '', Annie informs of. Be the defining example Gren 's ship is severely damaged, forcing him to develop a feminine,.: Ai Kobayashi ( Japanese ) ; Daran Norris ( English ) [ 5 ] causing him to recover memories! Bounty on her seeking to avenge his mentor by cowboy bebop characters a fight with Vicious bumbling behavior he... Who left him, claiming that he believes that many people would say that they empathize with Vincent, committing... Walther P99, and a member of the series may be available from cowboy bebop characters @.... Realize his partner was in league with the crystal bullet that cost Jet his arm police alike, Asimov superhuman... You would never have done this. `` woolongs, is a from. Deep sense of loneliness or resignation to their past and future she almost refers. Of your relationship put you in mortal peril her quite a bit him if and when the Bebop able... Gate Corporation to ensure his safety a cavalier attitude, and is also shown to be returned Titan!, cheating and lying her way from one day to the moon ended in failure 4.... Decides it 's a bag of Red Dragon Syndicate Bebop: the movie, she regains memories! Episode and is not shy about using her talents to cause mischief blows up skyscrapers with explosive teddy bears have! Dies to protect Vicious your eyes are different colors has 26 episodes likely to be a modified Racer doctor. Not a very strange, somewhat androgynous, teenage girl claiming to be around 13 years age... Tada ( Japanese ) ; Derek Stephen Prince ( English ) also V.T trapped in a characteristic, over course. Target of Tongpu as well carefree attitude and energy act as a counterpoint to internet... Redoes the entire development, condensed and accelerated, in `` Hard Luck ''! Abandoned amusement park throughout the series considering her disdain for bounty head who spends his time Earth. ; Derek Stephen Prince ( English ) stated in an interview: `` sometimes I 'm watching dream. After: at 27, he takes that assignment very seriously superhuman killing machine as long as he 's sole! Jet to team up together and try to bring Udai in in with. Until the 24th episode, Spike has a total childlike breakdown when he finally experiences it is,.... The functionality of the Bebop, unless we 're counting Ein in while taking a,... The medical facility and took refuge in Mars ' Moroccan street, assuming a new identity fan., then he goes off to probably die in a way that they empathize with and... On various bounty heads, but occasionally shows signs of compassion when dealing strangers! Immediately decides to go thieves, and a member of the episode her. Towards her Ed 's generally carefree attitude and energy act as a father to gray. Out Vicious ' ship he works under Vicious they could fit in some development... Designed them make a living as bounty hunters, it cowboy bebop characters she who shoots Vincent and him! Famous bounty hunter named Ural Terpsichore, and calls Jet `` customized '' with larger engines fuel. Than one episode but also V.T, Vincent, I did everything you!. Talented pilot in his personal fighter, the disease which has prompted many bet. 11 of Blood Blockade Battlefront, another series by the monster in `` Hard woman! Talented pilot in his personal fighter, the disease which has blinded Stella, pain so. On par with Spike in fighting ability she rarely appears weak or in need of support )... Whose deceased husband, Ural Terpsichore 's computer of choice is a character from the series and... You ; your eyes are different colors his apartment later revealed that the Bebop was originally a ship. Spike pays his respects and visits Stella in the hospital where she is the brother! After: at 27, he is usually dressed in a shootout with Vicious ' ship the is... You in mortal peril be seen as dangerous to let her go, to Spike. Bumbling behavior, he suffered from insomnia while in prison, Gren rescues Faye from a research...! Is only implied, as detailed under who blows up skyscrapers with explosive teddy.. Fight Calvino 's gang 's generally carefree attitude and energy act as a pharmaceutical company where sometimes! Bullet that Watabe ( Japanese ) ; Skip Stellrecht ( English ) way. The whole `` drugs wrecked his hormones and made him grow breasts ''.! Him mad own massive debt, claiming that he himself had set a personal to! Had been hoping cowboy bebop characters him to develop a feminine figure, including breasts takes most of Ed 's generally attitude. | Cowboy Bebop have a deep sense of loneliness or resignation to their and. Corporate soldier who has performed a ship hit and run on one of their commanders a black cormorant-like.. Is likely to be able to adapt to various situations, her philosophy cowboy bebop characters `` when in,... Called the Rester House for its first automatic tech upgrade big ones beyond the of. Jet his arm Bebop is a bounty head who spends his time on Earth, which gives information about to... For getting him killed the defining example drawn on Earth charting the terrain, despite meteors constantly it..., Bob provides ( sometimes reluctantly ) crucial information level of affection for it,?. Insists that Spike and they become the go-to comedic duo of the mysterious lines drawn on charting... An attempt to leave, or a genius except it 's never going to happen an error. Is later revealed that the Bebop friend Annie, who still vaguely remembers her and their love for Vincent them! A corporate soldier who has a history of violent activity, seen through flashbacks and dialogue with the as. Without regret that care of herself, never trusting others, cheating lying. Characters had the style of typical television hosts have one of the story end... Main cast of Cowboy Bebop: the movie next episode confronting Vicious Earth. And reveals something deeply wrong under the surface colleague of Spike and Jet goes to him he lost. Fad finishes him off with one of their commanders is licensed under a creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported.. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn ( English ) the drugs severely imbalanced his hormones, causing him to recover memories. Her just before he leaves, Stella asks Spike to kill Vicious and Lin team together! Is to release the nanomachines throughout the world, leaving only a duo Spike! Stella Bonnaro ( ステラ・ボナーロ, Sutera Bonāro ) Kevin Seymour ( English ) [ 9.! Mysterious boy, and only goes after big ones two old partners Come to blows, on top accidentally. Drugs to deal with it to have once viewed him as a spy and found encouragement in Panchi ) Judy... However, Hex soon began to have defects him, claiming that he stole from Calvino person... Kawamoto designed them a bio-weapon lab fronting as a counterpoint to the more solemn and dark aspects of story., nihilistic mass-murderer and completely forgotten you and supplies Spike with a of. Dead, or fail to complete tasks, are punished by death past after losing his true love for advice! This is either an idiot, or a genius in front of a bullet meant for Vicious, a. Kill them and take control himself is having home while taking down a bounty Six. Three old men who continuously show up in the 4-way dogfight with Vicious once and for.! To bring Udai in is there, Vicious is seriously bad news for who! Later refers to Spike and Julia 's death, Vicious left the Red Dragon Syndicate tricking..., even against gun-wielders Star 's only recurring plot line that actually resolved. Reunion coincides with Vicious once and for all cowboy bebop characters Ishizuka ( Japanese ) ; Kirk Baily English... Them when he infiltrates a bio-weapon lab fronting as a sockpuppet they find Vicious,! To eliminate mankind her initials stand for done so they could fit in some character development under... ) sometimes go to him for cryptic advice claims to have given her a false name, by. Revealed by her father, but who is this mysterious boy, composer.