Actually, "Giants" is about smart alecky teenagers in tight clothing who eat some of Opie's goo and turn big (I know, that doesn't sound any more pleasant). Tommy Kirk is, as usual, excellent and amusing -- I think he had real potention to become one of the best actors of his generation. TITLE: Village Of The Giants. In the 1950s, director/screenwriter/producer and fairly much one-man band Bert I. Gordon became famed for his cheap giant bug and giant people films. Local bad boy, Fred (Beau Bridges) and his cadre of dancing delinquents decide to abscond w/ the formula for their own purposes. One of these experiments when fed to a living thing causes the living thing to grow to tremendous proportions. AllMovie [Craig Butler] AllMovie [Robert Firsching] American Film Institute; B Movies Heroes [Italian] Classic Sci-Fi Movies [Nightowl] Cool Cinema Trash [Will Knauss] [Derek Winnert] Of course, it's not funny in the way Gordon intended. The sighting here of huge go-go dancing ducks, barely acknowledged by assorted 'hipsters' (including leading man Tommy Kirk) similarly letting rip at a nightclub – to the strains of The Beau Brummels and Jack Nitzsche – is not easily forgotten and unfortunately synonymous of the film's innate silliness. Bert I. Gordon was a famous B-movie director who created a bunch of big monster movies such as Earth Vs.The Spider and The Amazing Colossal Man in the 1950’s, but by the early 1960’s that genre was dying a quick death. In that town, a young genius, creatively named "Genius" works on varying experiments. He does just in time and it all works out in the end. The camera does show a lot of cleavage shots and wiggling butts that surely was and is one of the movies main attractions. DVD Review We often see tributes and award ceremonies associated with the big names in directing: Scorsese, Coppola, Spielberg, Kubrick, etc. A boy scientist (a young Ron Howard) accidentally happens upon an enlarging formula that first affects animals and, then, an unruly set of teenagers (led by Beau Bridges). Was it ever? Two words: giant babes!! These giants love to go-go in sexy harem outfits that somehow grow to fit them. First off: even though I am a huge MSTie, I must say: I have not seen this on MST3K (though I would like to). This movie is a bit too cheezy to be exciting or scary, but it's worth a good laugh. Tommy Kirk in summerwear, a smug Beau Bridges, Ron Howard going the Bill Mumy route, and typical teens roaming free and checking the scene...he's so gone, Jasper!! Audience Reviews for Village of the Giants. External Reviews MORE TRIVIA: Harmon is best known as the wet dream of Paul Newman's chain gang in "Cool Hand Luke". The acting ranges from OK(Ronny Howard is better than everyone else! As mentioned by many other viewers, the music is really the best thing about the movie - well, next to Joy Harmon and Tisha Sterling and the other gang girls! Wells' "The Food of the Gods"…which the director returned to, relatively more soberly, 11 years later for his film of that name. Some way out special effects including the highlight: Giantess Joy Harmon "dancing" with tiny Crawford; or: ride the wild breasts! Only Bridges and Howard are still working today. This movie is pretty much what I was expecting, middle-aged men and women pretending to be teens and lame special effects.It starts with a car crash and about ten people pile out of the car and dance to imaginary music.You can tell from that opening scene that this is no master piece.Then they see a sign for a town and decide to walk there and then just force themselves on the locals and decide they are going to stay there.Meanwhile, Ron Howard has accidentally invented a potion that can turn living things into giants.His brother immediately decides it belongs to him and he's going to sell it(pay no attention to the fact that they don't have parents).They make some giant ducks and the ducks show up at a party and no one is shocked or scared, they just dance with the ducks.Then magically, the new kids know where Ron and his brother live and where they have hidden the new potion.As dumb as it all is, the worst part is all the terrible music.It's not background music, they are always dancing to it.The good points are that I never saw the end coming and the movie isn't boring.Four stars. However, a group of rebellious teenagers led by Fred (Beau Bridges), see the ducks and decide to rob the substance. Don't have an account? In this movie, Beau Bridges and his entourage of friends (I can't really call them a gang) come to town and eventually discover that Ron Howard (Opie himself from "The Andy Griffith Show") has accidentally created by chance a formula for giants. Right now,you know these kids are a few fries short of a happy meal. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. What do you get when you mix the children of famous Hollywood actors (Beau Bridges, Tisha Stirling and Tim Rooney), a couple of former child stars (Tommy Kirk and Johnny Crawford), a then current child star (Ron "Ronny" Howard) and a future one hit wonder (Toni "Micky" Basil) with a hack director (Burt I. Gordon). Tommy Kirk (the only teenager with a receding hairline) attempts a 'Samson and Goliath' with cocky giant Beau Bridges (looking a might square, and struggling to hide his embarrassment), yet even the rocks which fly from his sling-shot are in slow-motion! The definitive site for Reviews, Trailers, Showtimes, and Tickets We see them literally bust out of their garments. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Attack of the Puppet People / Village of the Giants (Midnite Movies Double Feature) at B.I.G."! CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: MST3K's Satellite of Love crew riffs on Village Of The Giants. It is funny, engaging and a great send up of sci-fi horror movies. Nevertheless, I wouldn't mind seeing this movie remade today with Christina Ricci, Melissa Joan Hart, Britney Spears and Sara Michelle Gellar as the giantesses. User Ratings and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Gordon must have really been desperate for a hit because he figured that if he couldn't get Lloyd Bridges, Ann Southern and Mickey Rooney he could at least get their children to play in one of his quickie drive-in movie features. VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS (1965) * (really ****) Tommy Kirk, Johnny Crawford, Beau Bridges, Ronny Howard. You get one of the biggest camp classics in the history of film. Goofy, fun mid 60s has goo in the plot and on the brain. It's fun if you like camp, but as far as a great film, I'll stick with the films this mess rips off. The gang takes the "food of the Gods" and gets big...and you can figure what happens for the most part after that. Release Date: October 20th, 1965 Directed by: Bert I. Gordon Written by: Bert I. Gordon, Alan Caillou Based on: The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth by H.G. They use it to make themselves giant-size and proceed to terrorise the town and make the adults bow to their commands. Then they take over the control of the village. It's a trippy comedy of it's era. But I'm sure a pile of money was made on this one at many drive-ins across the country. That's a problem with movies about Amazing, Colossal people...once they're all grown up the writers run out of things for them to do...the closing payoff is a big disappointment, as if the film adopts a teenaged "Yeah, whatever" attitude of its own. Bert I. Gordon's "Village of the Giants" is a humorously poor version of the "big thing make boom" movies in which a small group (Maybe 6, hardly a full village) of teens take a formula that makes them grow really big, talk really slow, and move like they are dying one breath at a time. VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS is stupid, has bad special-effects, and doesn't really make much sense, but it's also a lot of fun to watch. Village of the Giants (1965) External Reviews. Writer Jim Vogel has a much more positive evaluation of the episode, rating Village of the Giants #35 (out of 191 total MST3K episodes). Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season show reviews & Metacritic score: Frank is forced to fire himself, but with the inspiration of the SOL crew, he gets his job back. The girls are all babes. Village of the Giants is just that kind of film ... Review by Count Rickula Sarcophagus ★★ 2020 MST3k Turkey Day Prep ⛈️(9/10) Review by Marquis de Suave ★★½ . Juvenile swingers get a dressing down after growing to gigantic heights. The drive takes you into the forest and is suitable for all vehicles (no caravans). Laughable sci-fi fantasy 'based' on HG Welles' "Food of the Gods" is just an excuse for really horrible filmmaking courtesy of schlockmeister Bert I. Gordon (read: BIG): Ronny (in his post Opie days) is "Genius", a kid who invents a goo that causes things to grow and once bad boy Bridges gets a hold of it turns himself and his gang into giants. Ron Howard, in his Opie days, invents "goo," which, when ingested, causes super growth. VOTG is another Bert I. Gordon production, loosely based of FOOD OF THE GODS by H.G. Village of the Giants based very loosely on H.G. Quite possibly the epitome of weird and awkward Sixties movies, Village of the Giants is a bad movie. Look for go-go choreographer Toni Basil (of '80s one hit wonder "Mickey" fame!!) 'Village of the Giants' seems to be a B movie that was intended to attract young kids and the teen audience of the early 1960s. Later on Bert Gordon actually did make a straight version of the science fiction classic that was quite a bit better. Also don't miss those sexy giant teen girls; when they grow their bikinis pop off. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. After the grooviest opening credits ever filmed, complete w/ dancing, VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS begins... with dancing! ha ha. Tommy Kirk in another non-Disney "Disney movie" - adjust your expectations accordingly. Except for Joy Harmon and Toni Basil, none of these actresses are really all that attractive to tell the truth, and the guys seem to be nothing more than stereotypes: the hero, the sidekick, the tough, the bully; none of the personalities are developed. A sniveling, constipated Beau Bridges! This film attempted to mix the then popular beach party flicks with the fading giant human pics. It has bad dialogue, bad special effects and a silly plot, but it is … But not before we get some giant ducks dancing to BBs live perfomance of "Woman" and other great pre-psychedelic background music. 20 years ago, our local TV channel 9 used to show this dreck every other month--and even as a kid, I wondered why everyone's reactions were sooo slooow (the drowsy actors seem as though they're underwater). The boy genius concocts an antidote for the giants bringing them down to size. | Village of the Giants is a film that Bert I. Gordon is clearly not taking terribly seriously. | And the music.. oh brother. This movie was most likely considered a little racy for it's day. If I had this stuff and knew full well what it did, I think I'd be secretly dropping in the food of my favorite chicks just for the reaction factor; of course, I know I'd pay dearly later. Reviewed in the United States on December 6, 2017. Aided by his big sister and her boyfriend, Mike (Tommy Kirk), other animals are soon enlarged. Wells Music by: Jack Nitzsche, The Beau Brummels Cast: Tommy Kirk, Johnny Crawford, Beau Bridges, Joy Harmon, Robert Random, Tisha Sterling, Toni Basil, Ron Howard Berkeley Productions, Embassy Pictures, Joseph… B Movies Heroes [Italian] Classic Sci-Fi Movies [Nightowl] Cool Cinema Trash [Will Knauss] [Derek Winnert] DiscLand. VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS (1965) Director: Bert I. Gordon MGM . That said: What a great movie. But my gripe is...what's the point of presenting this as science fiction if all you really want to do is make this type of film? It is nice to see Ron Howard as a child actor in this movie playing the part of 'Genius'. Mud dancing in fact! Nothing happens by chance or accident, but always on purpose and always by the person or persons who use their brains the least. Forgot your password? **spoilers**, VILLAGE OF THE GIANTS (Bert I. Gordon, 1965) *1/2, The Fantastic List of Post War Science Fiction Cheese. An exceptionally stupid movie . Village of the Giants (1965) Reviews on - Genius accidentally invents goo which causes living things to rapidly grow to an enormous size… This film opens with a group of presumably drugged out teens emerging from their rather badly wrecked automobile, only to dance around it maniacally and flop in the mud. "It's a supremely cheesy, very watchable slice of '60s teen culture, crossed with some very light science fiction", Vogel claims. I give it 5 out of 10 stars. Excellent Camp/Features Vintage Beau Brummels. There is an embarrassingly silly scene where a giant-sized duck invades the dancehall and starts dancing too. It's all rather silly, and quite funny if you're up for this kind of movie. My guess is that Bert I. Gordon, who tried his hand at many different genres (including fantasy, horror, and film noir)(all badly) decided to make a Disney film - only slightly hipper (music by the Beau Brummels, blonds in bikinis, drug jokes, etc) racier by 60's standards) and campier. 'Village of the Giants' could be considered one of those 'it's so bad it's good' movies. Make no mistake about it, Village of the Giants is a bad movie -- but most viewers will have a lot more fun watching Giants than they will watching many much better films. However, one director lost in the shuffle is always Bert I. Gordon, the mastermind behind such projects as The Amazing Colossal Man, Earth vs.The Spider, and Beginning of the End (featuring giant grasshoppers). Despite its promising satirical take on both the generational gap (a remnant of the previous decade) and anti-establishment attitudes (then coming into force), this emerges as just about the most inconsequential adaptation ever made of a fantasy classic – the source being H.G. All rights reserved. They wear toga-like outfits, dance sensuously, bend over as much as possible to give the greatest vantage point to their cleavage, and so on. Loosely...and I mean loosely based on H. G. Wells's The Food of the Gods, director/producer/writer Bert I. Gordon, Mr BIG himself, brings us a tale about a roving gang of teen thugs(nothing like today' s variation)who walk to a small town surrounded by a mudslide. Before long, one of them gets the idea to "go into town and make a little noise" or some such rot, and the fun begins when they run into giant ducks in the local dance parlor. Highly unimaginative and lewd, Village of the Giants is really more concerned with showing beautiful scantily clad girls in tight polyester slacks and bikini tops grow to epic proportions. Bert I. Gordon’s notorious teen mayhem picture may be the loosest adaptation of H.G. Joy Harmon is stunning as is Tisha Sterling. Giant ducks cut a rug! Sep 05, 2010. Mike rallies the town’s teenagers to find a way of defeating the giants. 'Village of the Giants' seems to be a B movie that was intended to attract young kids and the teen audience of the early 1960s. Gordon needed a new gig as a director, and he knew that drive-ins were now being filled with … Indeed, everything about Village of the Giants is surreal but surprisingly engaging: it’s not a huge stretch to imagine bullying teens literally taking over a town when given the opportunity. The Valley of The Giants is the area around the Giant Tingle Tree and Tree Tops Walk. Poorly directed, poor acting, low budget, but fun. Under the harsh light of criticism,'Village of the Giants' will disintegrate into the smallest piece of dust. Whew! GENRE: Science Fiction and Comedy. Beau Bridges leads a bunch of bad teens, Tommy Kirk (of Disney comedy fame) is the leader of some good teens, and you are the befuddled audience trying to believe what is transpiring on the screen. I'm certainly not going to try to claim that Gordon's 1965 film is any good, but it's such a mash-up of genres.. that you'd have to be a real grouch to not find some fun in it. When the boy Genius (Ronny Howard) accidentally discovers a formula to increase the size of animals such as ducks and dog, his sister Nancy (Charla Doherty) and her boyfriend Mike (Tommy Kirk) believe that they will be rich with Genius' discovery. Wells Food of the Gods is one of those classic cult films that gets worse and more enjoyable on repeated viewings. However, the execution and payoff are both lame. Lots of laughs at some of the gags and moments that this movie takes. Interesting movie that I first saw on TNT a few years ago. Village of the Giants (1965) Synopsis: Mike thinks he's hit the jackpot when his girlfriend Nancy's kid brother, who they call Genius, creates a growth compound that … Ron Howard is great and the entire cast is good. Oh no! Wells (! The key to this film is not to take it seriously...the cast and crew didn't. Feo and I watched this movie together and when that credit popped up we said in unison, "Yeah. Director: Bert I. Gordon. "Village Of The Giants" (1965) is a silly, stupid and swinging B-flick about teens who become giants after eating a pink substance called goo and terrorize a small California town and it's normal-sized citizenry. More dancing breaks out! This is all very mild by today's standards. Review: VERY loosely based on a novel by H.G. As mentioned in the summary line, "Village Of The Giants" has many of the elements of the live action Disney comedies of the early 60's: mildly bemused humor with a 'way out' attitude, safely toned down for the kiddies ("The Barefoot Executive"); teen gang dynamics romance, and dancing ("The Monkey's Uncle"); a magical chemical substance that breaks the laws of physics via cheesy process shots ("Flubber"); a juvenile genius ("The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes") and even Tommy Kirk (ex-Mousketeer and juvenile lead from many of the old Disney movies, by then in exile from The Magic Kingdom). Awards Village of the Giants based very loosely on H.G. This review is for the standard DVD version of 'Village of the Giants' released by MGM Midnite Movies. They take over the town just to rebel against the adults when you know they'd be fairly lousy parents themselves only to lose face and common sense in the end. This movie is a winner by all counts! Within seconds, junior scientist, "Genius" (Ron Howard) invents a formula that turns the family cat into an elephantine feline! You have to view this as a fun, but stupid movie and by no means look at it with a critical eye. Turn off the brain for this campy craziness. I like Bert I. Gordon's (Mr. Big) movies. So for its entertainment value, and because Joe Bob Briggs himself once bestowed the "Joy Harmon Fan Club Appreciation Award" on me (although I'm not sure whether or not he's really authorized to do that), I'm giving it four giant stars. It stars Beau Bridges, Tony Basil, Mickey Rooney's son (Tim), and the kid from TVs "The Rifleman" (Who learns first … This has got to be the craziest teen movie of the sixties, in terms of plot I mean. It's possible to get a momentary kick from these tacky antics, but the ugliness of the entire concept is self-defeating. Rotten Tomatoes, home of the Tomatometer, is the most trusted measurement of quality for Movies & TV. It has bad dialogue, bad special effects and a silly plot, but it is an entertaining movie and not meant to be taken seriously. Actually this makes it humorous in today's world and it can be mildly entertaining if not taken too seriously. Have you ever noticed in these movies that when something becomes available that turns things into giants that there's always some idiot, or in this case, a group of idiots that's willing to eat or drink it. It's hard to laugh at something so utterly cringe-worthy. Quite possibly the epitome of weird and awkward Sixties movies, Village of the Giants is a bad movie. By this point in his career, director/producer Bert I. Gordon had already gained a reputation for "big" pictures -- big in the sense that animals, insects or people tended to grow to monstrous size when he was at the helm. Welles committed to screen. * from ****. What does he do with it - he dares his friends to eat it, and they do! Showing all 33 external reviews. Film that is fun to watch, but for all the wrong reasons; search out the MST3K version if possible. Wells. The writing and effects do leave a lot to be desired but this was actually a fun movie to watch if you don't try and take it too seriously. 2.0 out of 5 stars Weak Bert I. Gordon effort. Even I enjoy this movie as a movie-fantasy about giants, but on its own merits, it is just plain boring. Yay! Wells. and the Terms and Policies, Copyright © Fandango. The Paramount lot with the house from "Bewitched" and "The Partridge Family" is used in one attack scene and the courthouse lot at Universal from "Back to the Future" and "Bruce Almighty appears at the end. What will happen next?