evolving' truths'

Hazrat Inyat Khan

“The human voice is a barometer for the human soul.  Its transparency reveals the soul’s every condition.  Joy, sorrow, anger and pain-each has its own voice that comes through, despite the most skillful deception.  Conversely, the sufi path teaches that by affecting  our voice, we can affect our soul, instilling in it the qualities we desire.”

There is so much to explore here in both ‘spiritual’ and scientific realms.  So much research around the nature of sound and how it affects our body and mind.  It seems endless what we are discovering and at the same time we know that there is always even more beyond what we ‘know’ and can measure.  In the spiritual realms it seems like we leap into the mystery a bit more (even though there is certainly method within practices) and allow the sound, pattern, rhythm, intention and vibration of our voices through prayer, chant and song….we allow ourselves to experience it.  We are in the current of it whether we logically understand it or not.  In speaking about this I find I can write so much about both research and personal experience and at the same time there are elements that are ineffable.

Such is this human life in many ways…..there is so much we cannot truly express in words but we keep trying.  This is where I look to balance my thinking mind and expansive heart.  My mind does an amazing job of ‘figuring things out’ and communicating through language……making sense of things.  And my heart dwells in the experience, the intuitive….the space beyond words connected to the boundlessness of all life and existence.


So…the voice.  Is it simply a vehicle for our words??  Well, for me it is an expression of the soul and a potent link to my way of connecting body and spirit to all that exists.  The breath manifest into sound……and when combined with intention (the focused energy of mind and heart)………it feels like infinite potential.

And even if that seems a bit too ambiguous and ‘out there’ to bite into…….perhaps we can at least find that there are so many ways to explore the sound and breath that moves through us…… and the voice as a vehicle beyond the limitations of what we have come to accept.  This body, this breath…this voice……..they are our greatest laboratories to dive into our knowing, connections and expansive being.  Are you curious?

I am ………




evolving' truths'

what else is there….

When sitting with this being human and all the dynamics of it everything seems to come back to this wide open Field of Love.  The infinite and expansive Love.


My intention is to not minimize individual experiences of struggle or challenge by suggesting that connecting to this Field of Love will make it ‘all better’. And simultaneously I know that dwelling in this Field of Love does change things in ways that give us more resource for being in those times of challenge.

I also know that when individuals are living in that Field they are less inclined to want to harm, diminish or make lesser any other individual(s).  When each of us is able to connect and live our moments from this field of Love, the dynamics of how we connect with ourselves and one another shifts.

I often think of new born babies and when they enter this world from the womb….I don’t imagine they were thinking: ‘well that was all wrong’, ‘who put that stupid light on’, ‘her hair looks terrible’ etc etc….you get the idea? They were in the moment and that moment was experiential (of the experience).  They are not in need of creating things as ‘lesser than/greater than’.  They might have preferences of what feels good or not so good but they live it in the experience of the moment.

And so we are blessed with our personalities and opinions….shaped since birth.  But why does that become a system of inner and outer criticism, perfectionism, abuse and merit scales of individual value??  Is it possible that every single breath I take is a blessing?  That I can fall in love with myself with every breath?  That my existence is valid simply for that breath.

Imagine for a moment to believe these questions/statements…….what if the truth was that your existence, validity and merit was perfected simply in every breath you take?That we have this vast Field of Love within us?  And you can allow your personality and individual uniqueness to guide your pursuit of new skills and knowledge…….but the base from which we all stand is one of equal merit, innate perfection and truly unconditional Love.

(notice any buttons pushed or attachments to any of these ideas or words)


Well, I believe this thoroughly.  Why not?  Why not believe this….it is just as viable as the flip-side.  It is as equally possible as the status quo of how we view, perceive and treat ourselves and others.  And when I dwell in this belief system I feel I have infinite more resource and joy.

People ask if this means I never fall short or say an unkind word…….to the contrary, I absolutely still fall short.  The difference now is that I notice when I do and instead of beating myself up or feeling bad……I simply bring more love to myself.  More love to whatever part of me felt like it needed to be unkind or to make someone else small through thought, word or deed.  Because it feels like it was an absence of Love that started the whole chain of events in the first place.

The more I dwell in this Field of Love…….the greater my experience of balance, joy and resource with myself, others and the world/spirit. We have tried the other way of doing things….why not give Love some space to flourish within us and see what is possible?  Why not invest in uncovering the map to where we have buried this within ourselves through our conditioning and belief systems? Why not at least be curious?


evolving' truths'

beyond the woo

Okay, so all this talk of love, compassion, expansiveness, inner wisdom…..yada yada. It all sounds ‘nice’ but it can just become words. Or it becomes this symbolic carrot dangling just outside of our reach.

We hear the words and then have our chain of thoughts (‘i can’t do that’, ‘yes, that makes sense’, ‘why would I make all this effort’, ‘I like the way that sounds but don’t know how to get there’ etc). The thoughts and words sometimes keep all of it ‘outside’ of us….when it truly is already within us.

So, beyond the warm and fuzzy idea of it all, why bother? Why dive into our awareness and perhaps disrupt our internal status quo? Why bother to question anything?
For myself, it is about taking responsibility for this incredible energetic entity called ‘me’. I feel like I am both this expansive energy beyond labels and also a human being with personality and ego. Both aspects are amazing to me and I strive to find a balance between them.
What I have discovered is that my expansive energy doesn’t really need to judge or criticize…..participate in the ‘greater than/lesser than’ model. My expansiveness is a wide open field of possibility. (this expansiveness feels like the realm of the ‘heart’ to me)

My human being-ness with mind, personality, opinions and ego…….it does an amazing job of compartmentalizing, figuring things out, writing stories and so much more.  To live in this world I need so many of the critical functions of this aspect of ‘me’.

I feel like I need both heart (expansive energy) and mind (attachment and details)….but they need to be in balance. They inform and support one another as I walk in my life.

The reason I bother with any of this is that being connected to this place of expansiveness within myself…….I experience less struggle.
I feel less inclined to engage ‘us and them’ mentality or divisive forms of competitiveness. I am less likely to make other people (or parts of myself) adversaries even when I don’t like their personality.
I don’t feel as inclined to figure other people out, write a story about them, be ‘right’ (or wrong), diminish or elevate one or another or myself……

….and this has felt liberating….freeing…invigorating.

When I speak with people (youth and adults) around the globe I ask them to imagine, hypothetically, a world where ‘judgement’ and feeling ‘bad’ about yourself doesn’t exist. Most people express a true joy in imagining this……but then follow it up with ‘it can never happen’.

I wonder …why?
Why can’t it happen?

I see the difference it makes in my life and those around me when I choose to live with less ‘judgment’, criticism and constantly engaging in ideas of someone being ‘greater than’ or ‘lesser than’ another.  I choose to connect to the expansiveness and not just live in the compartments of ‘mind’, survival and personality.

So I ask myself …what can get in our way of choosing this?

Often the things that get in the way are connected to attachments and comfort. Attachments to ideas and ways of being. These attachments seem to create a sense of safety through their ability to give us guidelines or our basic foundations.  And they are often conditioned from early in our lives.

Think about how what you believe to ‘know’ about yourself and also what you believe you know about others…..the world….how this creates a vehicle of feeling safe, confident or a sense of stability. It’s interesting.
Now imagine letting go of all of them….
Just take a breath and see if you can create space within yourself to not feel these concepts of self and the world anchoring you. (It isn’t easy, but see if you can glimpse it for a moment)

Now, notice where you get ‘stuck’ or feel attached.
Ask yourself ‘why’?
Notice what you notice….
And, without judgment………simply accept and love whatever it is…….without critique.
These little glimpses are your personal gems or insights. Tuck them away as you continue this practice and keep taking notes….and asking questions. You will be surprised how your inner compass or wisdom begins to kick in and help guide you in this work.

This simple practice of awareness and questioning (while listening without judgement)…….it’s a tool for getting to know yourself in new ways (sometimes unexpected ways) and showing up with love and compassion.
Sometimes just taking the time to question, listen and take notice allows us to embrace our own expansiveness….beyond labels.

Why not connect to your inherent sense of balanced confidence, compassion and authentic unconditioned love?

evolving' truths'


compassion, like love, have in some ways become simply words. we know their meaning and yet there is a distance from the deep inner realm of them. For me, the words are just reminders….they cannot express the breadth of these realms….that is for me to explore and to not get caught or simply end my exploration at the shape of the word/the surface. for me… all the same….there is no separation.
we have layers and layers of life, society, conditioning and restricted thinking (linked to fear at its core) that have shaped our relationship to love/compassion/g-d and have disconnected us from the depth or even desire to explore. how do each of us come to know the uniqueness of these expansive spaces within us? how do we come to know the qualities of our own conditioning? and can this ‘knowing’ offer a deepening?

****truly, all this typing is just words. i type, the word (in this limited form of communication) and when someone reads them they have their own unique experience of ‘interpretation’. no two people will have the same experience. so it is fascinating to try to use all these words to try to explore something beyond words. and love/compassion/g-d is truly beyond words. it is a ‘felt sense’……a link to our infinite intuitive body/wisdom.****

each of us is truly our own ‘wisdom text’. what would it take to ‘believe’ this? what would it take to access this? do we want to access it?
love/compassion/g-d…..they are part of this wisdom…..boundless within the expansiveness of each of us.

evolving' truths'


For me, the essence of ‘enlightenment’ is not something that is outside of me.  It is within me and I simply need to remember.  A simple statement but complicated at times to connect with.   I hear people talk about enlightenment as if it is a carrot dangling before them……desired and yet unobtainable.  I wonder how it can be ‘unobtainable’ when there it is as an in dwelling presence.  The practice at hand (and heart) is to find our particular map for remembering.  It is something each of us can connect with if we are inspired and yet it is not a requirement of living.  Each of us is unfolding in whatever way we are ‘becoming’…….there is no hierarchy to me.

So……here we are living and breathing.  My question for myself is how can I interrupt the thoughts of ‘greater than/lesser than’ and simply be in the space of infinite love? The space where every breath I take is a blessing…..every breath is a blessing.  What gets in my way of that truth?  What limits me?  What constricts me?  When my entire life becomes an awareness practice I come to witness the answers to these questions.  I can observe, pause and choose.  This simple formula feels like it radically changed my life.  It brought such ‘freedom’.

I have had many people say that such a practice sounds exhausting to them.  I understand that perspective.  And yet, I find it life giving.  It was ‘work’ at first but now it is like eating or sleeping, quite natural. It is a state of being that I cultivated and nurture each day.


evolving' truths'

Older revisited

This is an older reflection I became curious about again:

‘if you don’t see G-d in everything, you don’t see

G-d at all’

yeah, I don’t agree with this

I believe G-d is in everything/everything is

G-d….no separation

all is one and connected……everything within

everything else

if I am able to SEE G-d in even a handful of my

day…………….what a blessing

what a blessing

i believe we do the best we can

small small…the veils part

the walls come down

the eyes of the heart liberate us to see G-D,

infinite love, in every

moment and every person

little by little

(haba na haba hujaza kibaba…little by little fills


measure……Swahili saying)

so i might write on a tea bag:

‘what a gift to have even a glimpse of the G-d that

is present in all

things in this evolving world of our heart’s vision’

i don’t know….something crazy like that

to say anything less than this feels like an unkind act.

how can we say that if someone is unable to see G-d


that they are not seeing G-d at all.

this is a path of limitation….i feel like it

becomes our own trap

to think in this way

i want to be more affirming at this point in my


what I and others am able to see.and

feel……….and know it grows


give praise ………………surrender the perspectives in

black or white,



a couple years ago I really made strides in my truth to

embrace AND/BOTH

(not either/or)

this was a big leap for me and I am still leaping

with that intention

in my arms every day