After you do the mortar, you will likely have some film or dust on the fireplace surface. Concrete Over Brick Fireplace, 5 / 5 ( 1 votes ) Skim coat the brick with a cement brick fireplace makeover bright green i refaced this old brick fireplace on a fireplace makeover ideas bright green diy concrete fireplace for less than diy concrete fireplace for less than. We would love for you to! NAME* Widen the mantel so that it hung over each side of the surround by 3 inches 3. i’ve been admiring your work a while now tbh. Is that the best material to use to give it that clean look? Tim Anderson has been freelance writing since 2007. You can achieve incredible results at reasonable rates with the help of your local masonry contractor. The mortar was horrible and the brick was stained. Brick chimneys are a common feature used in home construction around the world. Thanks for sharing wonderful project!! :). But first let’s take a look at how the fireplace started out so you can get a better idea for how we accomplished this trendy concrete look! Here's what it looked like before we started: The goal was to cover up the existing tile with something so that it looked like concrete or stone. omg ashley you’ve done it again! This is known as slaking. Build out the vertical sides of the surround that they they were no longer flush with the wall and could thus support a deeper mantel 2. One popular choice is to use stone veneer to cover a fireplace mantel for an earthy look of permanence. ... or dirt. How to Apply Tung Oil on Concrete Countertops, How to Patch or Fix a Broken Concrete Subfloor, How to Apply Texture to New Concrete Walls, How to Apply a Skim Coat Over Stucco, Cinder Block, Brick, or Plaster, Concrete Network: Concrete Microtoppings and Skim Coats, This Old House: Tile Over Brick Fireplace, How to Repair Cracked Concrete on a Stamped Driveway. Follow the instructions on the Ardex Bag for application. Step 2. We completely redid our fireplace last fall and I never actually shared the tutorial. that shiplap is to die! Together they are raising their children, and turning their house into a home one project at a time. Mix up the concrete skimcoat in a bucket, according to the package directions. One of the biggest issues I had with this fireplace was the lack of symmetry. Work your way up and add mud as necessary, smoothing the concrete as you go with the long, flat side of the trowel. Our own fireplace was a … Allow the cement mixture to dry completely for at least 24 hours and then sand it down with a hand sander or a drywall sander with a handle. Now it’s time to hide those seams. The very first time I envisioned our living room, I knew I wanted our flat screen mounted to the brick fireplace. There are many different brands and types of concrete mixtures sold, including those which have coloring added if you want a certain color for finished concrete skim coats. Beautiful makeover. You know what goes in a fireplace, right? This is known as skim troweling or skim coating. We used 13 bags 9.2. 1. Are you ready to raise your property’s value with a brand new fireplace or stunning brick walls? Besides, it makes the fireplace looks even more elegant. Absolutely beautiful! I was wondering the same thing! No Pin button? I did choose to mix mine a little thinner (but not much), because it was easier to work with. Click the images below for more details! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. What a gorgeous makeover of your fireplace! Work in small batches because it dries VERY fast! You may write a brief description in your own words when featuring our work, but you may not copy any of the steps in our tutorials, or in our recipes. If you don’t use the fireplace much or at all, then you’re in the clear. Did you seal the concrete with anything once it dried? I’ll skip the small talk and get straight to the tutorial for you! Ashley enjoys decorating and crafting, but her true passion lies in redoing old furniture and making things look old. Its so inspiring to those with meh fireplaces. Take your time, and smooth it on evenly over the entire surface, including the sides. Don’t add too much water or you will have a mixture that's too runny to work with. Now you’re ready to completely transform your old fireplace into a gorgeous concrete fireplace! Am I doing something wrong? For more DIY Projects, be sure and check out my Project Gallery! I remember a lot of people were sad I was covering up the original brick, but it wasn’t pretty brick. Love this. So if you plan on mounting a TV on a brick fireplace, think ahead. We do to! YAY! A beautiful fireplace can completely transform a room. Call us today at (909) 417-7922 for free estimates. It depends on the depth of your fireplace, you can also use a piece of wood on the side and have the shiplap meet up against it. been looking for something like that in my living room. Transform your brick fireplace with these beautiful and inspiring DIY brick fireplace makeovers. Apply the mixture to the hearth with a trowel. Dust off the surface. Quikrete 10 oz. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Well, we're one project away from finishing all the construction-related stuff at Keith the Fireman's house and then it'll be time to decorate! Smooth the concrete with a steel float, which is a steel trowel equipped with a long pole. She and her husband recently settled in the Midwest after spending the beginning of their marriage in Texas (what a change!). Your email address will not be published. Do you love our posts? This looks amazing! It’s almost like skim coating if you’ve ever done that. A clear coat of any kind? mix up a batch of thinset concrete and spread it over the surface of the brick using a broad, flat hand trowel. I like how modern it turned out. The random beam on one side. And for a whole host of reasons, fire and electronics don’t mix. Use plastic sheeting to protect the floor if you are working on an indoor chimney. After the tape is in place, cover all corners with the metal corner bead and attach with the same screws you used for attaching the cement board to the framing. However, I didn’t necessarily intend to wait a whole year! This allowed for great application. OK – so I originally drew this by hand but it is such a mess now since it’s full of scribbles and measurements that I thought I would just recreate it digitally for you. Wow! After we finished all the concrete work we did any necessary touch up painting, caulking, and installed a simple board for a mantel. Fox Masonry is a reputable company you can fully trust for your upcoming project. How to Mount a TV Over a Brick Fireplace (and Hide the Wires) January 5, 2016. Fire. Have a great week, :-D Last week, we tackled his tile hearth. I applied the Ardex with a drywall taping knife. You want to feature us? Allow the … Add cement board to the entire area you’ll be tiling (for us, that means the floor and all 4 sides of the fireplace leaving room for wood mantle). The framing will really depend on your specific situation. I intended to wait a little while to make sure everything held up well, which I’m happy to report it’s held up fantastic! Thank you! Start at the bottom and work your way up. Learn more here. We also installed several board where I would typically hang anything to give us a nice sturdy option. This step could really be at the end, but I was impatient and trying to decide on a color so I went ahead and rolled on a coat. I love how it turned out. Again, using the brick anchors. Then we attached horizontal board across the brick to give us something to nail the shiplap into. Carter builds a new concrete hearth to update an old 1950s fireplace. This makeover is stunning. The plan for the surround and the mantel was very simple. Begin by cutting each piece to size using a utility knife to score and snap the board. Spread thinset mortar over the fireplace surround with a notched trowel. Could you tell me where you got the white open shelf cabinet to the right of the fireplace. Apply concrete mixture to the wall with the flat metal trowel and use the trowel to smooth the concrete over the bricks and fill in the voids between the bricks. The fireplace looks amazing. 1/4″ underlayment 2. scrap 2×4 pieces 3. sandbags 4. plastic or paper to protect the floor 5. level 6. chalk line 7. wire mesh for concrete 8. wire cutters 9. 1/2… Add sh… Allow it to dry at least 30 minutes. Love the makeover, but I can’t find a pin button either. Next up it’s time to turn these construction materials into a Concrete Fireplace! Don’t worry about the corners being perfect, we will be adding corner bead to that! I wanted to complement the stainless steel fridge in the kitchen, so I went with a light gray color 10. square shovel 11. wheel barrel 12. We used our brick anchors to attach the 2×4’s to the brick. Your fireplace makeover is a great idea! One benefit of me waiting so long to share the tutorial is now you can see it decorated for every single season! I wanted a smooth front with a ledge for the mantel. Stone and brick veneer products are perfect for interior walls, fireplaces or facing materials for the exterior walls of entire buildings and other structures. If you decide you want to renovate your brick chimney, skim coat cement over it, and either leave it that way or cover it with tile or a stone facade on top of the cement. Can you still use your fireplace? It withstands exceptionally high heat without product failure. We are trying to do this exact project! On the ground and drywall, use For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links. Fill any holes and sand as necessary. It’s Called Cast Iron from Sherwin Williams. Learn how your comment data is processed. How did you get the variation in color? In fact I had a very knowledgeable reader tell me it was in fact construction brick and was never meant to be seen. Another option is to cover your fireplace with a concrete board—had ours been a smaller fireplace, we would’ve gone that route! Fireplace Repair Mortar is easily applied using a caulk gun, so it does not require messy mixing. You may not use more than one photo or a post in it's entirety without direct written consent from Cherished Bliss. I’m thinking of doing something similar to our fireplace, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to use it. We wanted to center up the mantel and hide the beam. You may not crop or edit any of the photos that belong to Cherished Bliss. Quikrete 10 oz. I used Ardext Feather Finish concrete to apply to the cement board. A More Stunning Stained Brick Fireplace … There is usually an edge to certain sides of the cement board that taper off making the joints easier to hide, so place those accordingly. Thank you! Stamped Vertical Concrete Spaces Concrete stamp patterns, including mountain drystack, orchard stone, and random sandstone, can be applied as an overlay over existing materials such as old brick, plaster and drywall, to give your interior and exterior vertical spaces a brand-new, updated look. After we got the framing in place for the concrete portion of the fireplace we moved in to the top section where I wanted vertical shiplap. Let that dry, then if you have any noticeable marks left after dry time you can sand it, but I’ve heard it’s very messy, so take that into consideration. You can cut the length at a 45, or you can just trim off the lip of the shiplap and have a smooth edge. Just make sure your framing allows for the additional thickness of your cement board. The most difficult part of installing the shiplap is deciding how you want to wrap the corners. Apply the concrete. Ashley is a stay at home mom to three beautiful children. Concrete over brick??? Smooth the concrete over the bricks in arc-like sweeps, holding the edge of the trowel at a 45-degree angle, to make sure the coating is consistent. Unfortunately, there are plenty of fireplaces out there that aren’t exactly beautiful. Remix it with the drill to prepare the mixture for use. I wanted one focal point, and placing the television elsewhere would have … Cleaning is always the number one thing when you start projects, therefore you want to make sure your surfaces start off clean! I did about 3-4 coats over the whole thing, but I had to mix way more than that. Kinda jealous over here. Press the … LOVE the shiplap look with the concrete surround! But for this step you do have to work pretty quickly and here’s my number one tip. This looks amazing and I want to either try it myself or have someone do it, but I want the variations in color/texture that Ashley achieved! Next up we will begin installing the cement board. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. We also ask that you do not remove or add any watermarks to our photos. Brush the concrete bonding agent onto the bricks, this will help the stucco adhere to the brick. Installing veneer over brick gives homeowners, contractors and architects an expanded palette for their renovation or new construction projects. Understand that cement is not a material; it is an element that is an ingredient within concrete. But this is where you determine the shape of your fireplace. Let me know if you still don’t see it. Make sure you are using the proper length for the cement board you choose. Cement board is attached to the framing with specific screws. Step 4 Cover the entire surface of the brick chimney with concrete, making sure you are misting the brick ahead of applying the concrete so none of it is trowelled onto dry brick. We also wanted the fireplace to sit flush up against the built-ins. Small Kids Closet Makeover with Organization, When applying Ardex make sure to mix in small batches, Use a wet grout sponge to smooth out any marks (wet sanding), Apply in varying directions to randomize any marks or color variations. The new color also looks suitable for the reddish wooden mantel that is already there since the very beginning. This post has been a long time coming. However, we only allow one photo with a direct link back to Cherished Bliss to be used when featuring our work. Pinned! Go for the consistency of thick peanut butter. Step 5 Fireplace FaceliftAnatomy of a Fireplace. 2. 1. His has been published online through GTV Magazine, Home Anatomy, TravBuddy, MMO Hub, Killer Guides and the Delegate2 group. Thanks Sheila! But if you do use it, bear in mind that heat rises – bringing soot with it. You are very talented. When applying the final coat I used a wet sponge to smooth out any lines, then I let it dry mostly and smoothed it out again with the sponge. It just seriously messed with what OCD I do have. Sakrete High Strength Concrete Mix 9.1. What color is the shiplap painted? For all of your concrete, brick, or natural stone construction needs, Diamond Concrete Co. is here to help. Thank you! Plus I’ve always wanted a concrete fireplace so I went for it! You should just be able to hover over the image and it pops up in the upper left corner. That is crazy cool! Using the mesh tape meant specifically for cement board, apply it directly over all seams. To see this project on video you can check out the highlights on my Instagram Stories. Then you can add mouldings and paint or varnish. All of our posts are copyright protected. You can layer it and layer it until you get it perfect, but don’t try to glob it on. Concrete or stucco mix can be applied by hand directly to the surface of an existing masonry While they are durable and hold up over time, nearly every person eventually wants to change something about their home. After that we started the framing. If you have any questions concerning our Content & Photo Sharing Policy, you may contact us at ashley.cherishedbliss {at} gmail {dot} com. Our brick wasn’t level so you’ll see we had to use a vertical shim to get everything to be placed correctly. Design your new fire surround as a box section to fit over the old concrete and fix either to the wall or into the old concrete then glue a mantel shelf to the top or screw down if you prefer. dimensions of the fireplace? Kippi. Let the concrete mixture sit in the bucket for 10 minutes or so after you have initially mixed it to allow the water time to soak into the cement powder and other additives within the concrete mixture. Install the cement board to cover all surfaces. Out of curiosity, what width of shiplap did you use (1×6) ? For best results, always pull the concrete upwards. started out w a dresser myself over the quarantine w heheh i hope one day soon i’ll have the courage to tackle more challenging projects like yours on here. Y’all have some serious gumption! Also, what are the approx. After framing is in place attach the shiplap with a finish nailer. I’m in the process but the color is pretty consistent. I like your variation. Thank you, Jennifer. The new tone on the brick hearth and surround adds a bold touch to the interior design. Mix your concrete mixture in a bucket using a drill and paddle, and add water according to the manufacturer’s directions. Either purchase ready-made stucco, or … Click "enlarge this image" to see illustration labels. You can either leave it as-is or you can cover it with a stone veneer, flagstone, slate tile, ceramic tile, marble, granite or any other type of finish material that is heat-resistant. You can find all of your supplies at a local home improvement or hardware store. 2. It’s kind of like icing a cake. Fireplace Repair Mortar is a silicate based refractory cement caulk for tuck-pointing damaged fireplace mortar joints. The mortar will need to dry fully before you can use the plaster, so give it about 5 days. (updating a fireplace) Hello, I want to update my painted brick fireplace and make it look more contemporary modern by skimming over it with concrete. Sheila. Now, let’s talk about how I got it to this…. He spent more than 15 years as a third-generation tile and stone contractor before transitioning into freelance writing. Wear safety gear when mixing and working with concrete to avoid concrete burns and inhalation.