.. Common Core Algebra II. Chandler-Gilbert Community College • MAT 220. Suppose You Multiply The Independent Variable By A Constant. y=k*f(x), especially when k is between 0 and 1. Lesson 1. . Absolute+Value-Graphing+1.pdf - Transforming Functions \u2013 Vertical Shifts \u2013 Homework Part 1 In each questions below use the function = | Write the, Transforming Functions – Vertical Shifts – Homework, In each questions below, use the function, is given. (i) describe the transformation(s) needed to go from the. Homework 1 - Exponential Functions.pdf #1 Pre-Calculus 1 Unit 4 . 4 A — Homework SQ 13. Embeddable Player Edit. Therefore, there are no asymptotes to state for this function. Interactive video lesson plan for: Common Core Algebra II.Unit 7.Lesson 4.Horizontal Stretching of Functions Activity overview: Clip makes it super easy to turn any public video into a formative assessment activity in your classroom. Find and graph Horizontal Asymptote and the Vertical Asymptote; Graph the Functions; The project can be a race to see which team can complete the task first. It is meant to give a difficult concept a fun twist. It has a range of y is the element of all real numbers such that -8 1, it compresses. If the blue graph is f(x) (the original function) and the red graph is the transformation, what is the equation of the red graph?