10 examples of sentences “hedge”. 2. waiting we for have ages been. Words in a sentence: find it: Sentence generator powered by WordHippo. The meaningful Use Objectives specification sheets for the Medical Assistance Promoting Interoperability Program brings together critical information on each objective to help eligible professionals understand what they need to do to demonstrate meaningful use successfully. Sentence with the word Creek. Click here to get an answer to your question ️ Use both of the following words in a meaningful sentence. Examples of Whimsical in a sentence. 174+6 sentence examples: 1. (3) I'm really up the creek without my car. Ratio under 15 years old equals 13,180 to the total population which equals 66,104 for the Midwest region. The creek was clear and swift. In a long sentence, you can use commas to separate out extra information and make the sentence easier … Sentence example with the word 'creek' creek adolescent stream, boca, crawl, fluviation, harbor, midchannel, natural harbor, road, skulk, spill stream, wadi Definition n. a natural stream of water smaller than a river Last update: October 4, 2015 According to Reading Rockets, there are six different types of context clues the students can use to help find a connection with the word. Dynamic Programming. (6) Follow Austin Creek for a few miles. Creek definition: A creek is a narrow place where the sea comes a long way into the land. Use correct punctuation marks and then state the kind of the sentence. (4) They'll spend some time floating boats in the creek. Small rivers can be referred to using names such as stream, Crews installed a temporary fish ladder so fish could migrate up the, The blackcheek tonguefish appeared to be a year-round resident species in the, Slippery elms are native to North America and can be found from Canada to Texas, generally growing around cool, wet areas, like, Three months later, on 11 May, men from Rhuys found the ship in a, Training walls are built to constrain a river or, With the coal machinery now redundant, a tidal, At noon we had lunched off fly biscuits and apricots by the side of a swampy, Known as Furnace Town, it was called the Nassawango Iron Furnace after the nearby, The glacial drip was already in evidence, and every, He pointed out that the deep holes can sometimes be discerned against white, beachlike sand near the, Go early in the morning, and you might spot a small grayish bird called a water ouzel feeding along the, Somehow, we'd become high-centred on a big boulder at the, An attempt was made to sink a winze to mine the lode below, When found, the vehicle was stuck, high-centred as an apparent attempt had been made to drive it through a, The bioswale design was selected due to the site's proximity to a freshwater, The ocellated flounder and southern flounder also exhibited seasonal use of the, The miners had all dobbed in to buy a few bottles of beer which they left in the, Webb and Veikko watched across a meadow of larkspur and Indian paintbrush, and behind them a little, As landowners settled the region, they began channelizing the, Deer wander into the meadow, stop to drink at the, Dubai Municipality, collaborated with several other government bodies has accelerated the pace of campaigns to take Dubai, After pulling out last week with a pinched nerve in his back, he turned the air blue in the Bluegrass State when he pulled his tee shot into the, Plain as it may be, the walkway does give kayakers and canoers, who have long clamored for access to the, Some of the compact lime stone in the bed of the, They had not yet mounted the abutment, and were then securing their horses near the bank of the, There is some question as to the advisability of your remaining on the west bank of the, Between the two parties was a willow-bordered, The Indians who had killed my horse were retreating across the, First we hunted the neighbouring hills without success, and then crossed on to the bloodwood flat which had appeared like a, The British encampment was formed near the, Ascended the hill which overlooked Waterford, consisting of a mill and a small, From the corella Lagoon the expedition proceeded north and discovered a large, About an hour before sunset we arrived on the banks of a large, We were toasting them at a fire we had made close to a, The remainder of cruft's division was to seize the bridge over the, Before the sampan passed out of the lagoon into the, She saw doctor McCall idly leaning over the foot-bridge of the, The next morning I rode across to the saw log, and up that, Andy leaped a ditch and started to get to the thin line of scrub oak beyond which lay the, The plain terminates, where we ascended, in an escarpment of vesicular trap-rock, which supplies the fragments of the, The two horses pulling the wagon, a flatbed with railed sides, halted at the, So he went out with the Allo tribe once again and they led him up a, It didn't climb until it got away from the funneling effect of the, A new Hakea, with long thin terete leaves and grevillea chrysodendron, grew along the, While at Nauset an Indian stole some trifle from the shallop as she lay in a, Along the foot of this mountain, a stream, known as sideling Hill, But I say, stranger, what are you going to do with that heaver meadow below on the, But if the intended victim, suspicious, should get unseen into the, Ruth, let us get the net and put it right across the, Elephints a-pilin' teak In the sludgy, squdgy, I said to the Thomas Cat, I threw in the gurgling, Some of the compact limestone in the bed of the, They mounted, swung their horses and loped off toward the bridge across the, He remembered that these huts of the gold-seekers were on the low-lying banks of the, So without climbing out from under the high banks of the, You could find a West-coast mailboat goin' home if you went down the, Night found the army encamped on the east bank of Pine, For a meal, they boiled some of the nardoo seeds, and then made for the main, Roscoelite is a vanadium mica from a gold mine at Granite, The latter detached a regiment to the Neuse road to guard against any attempt by the enemy to cross the, During the whole of the morning they examined the, These streams have the same right of asylum, though in a less degree than pipestone, His counsel was quickly taken, and then there was a plunk as he sprang into the, I rode with these two gentlemen to the coal-mines, two miles and a half from Pottsville, and not far from Norwegian, When they began feeding upon the tiny forms of life found in the, Every little while along the rooty, hummocky banks of the, Afar, families were seen fleeing on horseback toward the bed of a, On the 13th they came to the banks of a wide, I spent the most part of all these three days in the, I remember spending hours with my next oldest brother, catching muskrats in a slow-moving, There is every chance that he left the bidarka somewhere in the, A water-pipe, usually above ground, paralleled the trail, which he concluded led upstream to the bed of the, David Daniels was driving his farm truck across a bridge over a, Pebbles and blocks of pegmatite covered the bed of the. Example sentences with the word meaningful. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. MEANINGUL SENTENCES 101 (all you ever needed to know about writing an effective meaningful sentence and MORE!) Their nests are located at the end of burrows in sand banks or the banks of creeks and rivers. All the parts of speech in English are used to make sentences. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. ... We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. After blending consonants and vowels, syllables are blended into words and words are used in meaningful sentences. 2. a stream or narrow…. (2) This creek mouths into the sea. Rearrange the words to make meaningful sentences. He uses extreme behavior to manipulate his audience in meaningful ways. ‘The creek is flowing strong from all the runoff and spring thaw.’ ‘Firefighters used a fork lift truck to rescue a stricken horse from a muddy creek.’ ‘He earned his nickname playing near a muddy creek as a child.’ ‘They are as at home in a mossy rock pool or muddy creek as on a spectacular wreck.’ All the parts of speech in English are used to make sentences. They are: 1. sumikkoC0412 sumikkoC0412 Answer: He moved to London in his late teens in hopes of pursuing music and became a regular fixture on London's club scene. use the word chronological in a meaningful sentence Civil DisobediencePart 2:Thoreau’s ideas had a profound effect on a man named Gandhi. (5) He sprang through the creek. Examples of Accede in a sentence. Local children have started a school project to clean up a creek where salmon used to spawn. The grass around the creek was new, giving it a velvety look. Over the divide at the head of this creek is a tributary of the Big Windy.. A channel or stream running through a salt marsh. A channel or stream running through a salt marsh. Elijah Clarke at the Battle of Kettle Creek where he was captured. Find examples of how to use any word or phrase in a sentence with our powerful sentence generator. All sentences include two parts: the subject and the verb (this is also known as the predicate). These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. 1. there I six o’clock got to have be by. A creek, flowing through the valley but walled over, empties into the Ouachita river several miles from Hot Springs. Learning is facilitated when individual items can be chunked into meaningful groups. How to use “hedge” in a sentence. What is a Meaningful Sentence? Creek in a sentence. How to use meaningful in a sentence. Find more ways to say creek, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. 4. www.use-in-a-sentence.com English words and Examples of Usage use "creek" in a sentence We went on a field trip to Muir Creek to observe the tidal pool life of the West Coast. An example is given below. A definition of " Meaningful use" is yet to be polished. A good communicator knows that what we communicate non-verbally can be more meaningful than the words we use. Through the operation of 10 units, the Correctional Services Division provides sentence calculation, intake assessment, treatment and programming, work-based education, release planning, physical and mental healthcare during incarceration, and many other opportunities and services to enhance an inmate’s transition back into the community. The coast is dotted with tiny creeks. 2. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. creek in a sentence - Use "creek" in a sentence 1. (1) I was really up the creek without my car. Make meaningful sentences using the given sets of words. 2. The key to solve this problem by using dynamic programming approach: Define an array t[] such that t[i]==true => 0-(i-1) can be segmented using dictionary The creek was now all but dry, like the other creeks or rivers in the neighbourhood. Example sentences with the word creeks. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples See more ideas about me quotes, words of wisdom, words. Find examples of how to use any word or phrase in a sentence with our powerful sentence generator. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Learn more. Last year a 3.5m saltie snatched a dog at a, Your father's summer vacation may have involved afternoons playing sandlot baseball or dropping a fishing line into a, This roadside forest is hut a scrubby mix of hardwoods and pines, with a wet smear of inch-deep, I turned off the paved road into a dirt track, snaking through the thick forest alongside a bubbly, I can't wait to bath here, I thought to myself as I slowly followed the lazy, Tenses are confused, verbs are conjugated and there's a, The land consists of 30 acres of tillable fields, a, We began the first seismic line on day two with an uphill washed-out, The plants were growing from several fissures in the mafic bedrock that underlies the, And he can't understand why no-one wants the mullet he catches in the local, Perhaps a hundred yards into the trees a wide, shallow, The trail crosses onto the north side and continues downhill and east along the rocky bench above the, As their name suggests, miners make their nests in holes along. 20 examples of simple sentences “hedge” . How to use creek in a sentence. An example is given below. Dec 22, 2020 - Explore Marrissa Senneff's board "meaningful sentences", followed by 165 people on Pinterest. 2. meaningful example sentences. Welcome to…. Make meaningful sentences using the given sets of words. For eligible professionals, Stage 3 meaningful Use in PY 2020 has a : 45. How to use creek in a sentence. The wreck had occurred just west of the creek. The little squadron had now reached the creek. Inspiration, success anushkabhosale11 anushkabhosale11 01.12.2018 English Secondary School Use both of the following words in a meaningful sentence. Academic English Words List and Example Sentences Examples of Sedition in a sentence. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. 2. 3. ; 2. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. (4) They'll spend some time floating boats in the, (21) A nail-biting finish, but finally won by Moira, (23) If any more people resign, we'll be really up the, (24) It was still light when we arrived at Lalong, (25) If I don't get my passport by Friday, I'll be up the, (26) They used to take off their clothes and go skinny dipping in the, (27) People sunbathe in the nude on the rocks above the, (28) Eventually it splits, with the left fork going to Shore, (29) Fish and other organisms have been successively destroyed over large areas of the, (30) Jake exhausted himself romping in and out of Oak, (2) People sunbathe in the nude on the rocks above the. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Each question given below contains a group of words. ; 4. What does creek mean? 10 examples of sentences “bow”. Use the word fixture in a meaningful sentence 1 See answer aimeegatianp0sc92 is waiting for your help. 2. I have Osage orange on the north and a creek with native timber on the south. How to use “bow” in a sentence. 2. waiting we for have ages been. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Examples of Artifice in a sentence I was pleased when the car salesman did not use an artifice to try and get me to purchase a defective vehicle. 2. Time is O(n^2) and exceeds the time limit. What does creek mean? See creek used in context: 100 poetry verses, 1 Shakespeare work, 1 Bible passage, 9 definitions Otherwise, the sentence will not make sense. 20 examples of simple sentences “bow” . All sentences include two parts: the subject and the verb (this is also known as the predicate). During the Battle of Kettle Creek in 1779, the American British Loyalists. Question: has / Susie / lessons / her / learned; Answer: Susie has learned her lessons. Creek definition is - a natural stream of water normally smaller than and often tributary to a river. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The creek is navigable all the way from Oakville, and there are not more than twelve or fifteen dams in the whole distance. He followed the others toward the creek. How To Use The Creek In A Sentence? Gandhi, was a leader in India who worked to end British rule. Recent Examples on the Web: Noun The Nazis fired into the cabin, forcing the pair to jump out the back window and into a creek… Another word for creek. battle of kettle creek in a sentence - Use "battle of kettle creek" in a sentence 1. Meaningful Sentences 1. When the con artist tried to fool the old man with his artifice, he found himself in front of the man’s loaded shotgun. ; 3. On March 20, 2015 CMS released its proposed rule for Stage 3 meaningful use. use "meaningful" in a sentence Humans carve the world into meaningful chunks called categories in order to make sense of our environment and the objects contained within it. (noun) Tidal creeks teeming with shore wildlife. Question: has / Susie / lessons / her / learned; Answer: Susie has learned her lessons. 2. 1. there I six o’clock got to have be by. The creek list of example sentences with creek. The creek roared and brawled noisily. Noun (1) The children waded in the creek. He fought with Gen . Strive to make every day joyful and meaningful, not for others, but for myself. Translations of the phrase BECOME MEANINGFUL from english to french and examples of the use of "BECOME MEANINGFUL" in a sentence with their translations: ...stop now before these anomalies become meaningful ? A sentence is a group of words that make sense. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word creek: . However, it is important that a teacher shows the students how to use the context clues to help identify unknown words and concepts (ReadWriteThink, n.d.). The number of men combing the two creeks was not enough to permit close contact. creek meaning: 1. a narrow area of water that flows into the land from the sea, a lake, etc. This is using context clues while reading. I thought the creek was close, but I don't hear it. The words in a sentence need to be arranged in a certain way. She heard the gurgling water before the creek came into view. The tide was flowing softly up into the creek below them. ... We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. So get out some notebook paper and something to write with… these notes will help you IMMENSELY in the weeks to follow! See more ideas about me quotes, words of wisdom, words. 3. their they in have already work handed. Dec 22, 2020 - Explore Marrissa Senneff's board "meaningful sentences", followed by 165 people on Pinterest. 3. their they in have already work handed. Anything less than two weeks would be deemed less than meaningful. A sentence can be divided up into meaningful segments. 1. (noun) Tidal creeks teeming with shore wildlife. creeks example sentences. The product achieved ONC-ATCB Meaningful Use Certification in June 2011.; Perficient's healthcare technology consultants advise clients on predictive analytics, Meaningful Use. Without more data we cannot ma Adding a comma can change the meaning of a sentence. They prey upon the rainbow smelt, golden shiner, common shiner, On whims, I have gone down to the bike path along the, The location of the sighting was on a creek bank just below fast moving water from a shoaly place in the, We worry about our country, our billabongs, our, Fortunately my Nikon camera landed on soft tufted grass but my body was immersed in the freezing, She met us down on the blacktop and rode with us through the, They are as at home in a mossy rock pool or muddy, There was a stone bridge curving over the, Dropping the stones he had been skimming across the surface of the slow-flowing, After Larken had refilled their water skins in the nearby, The young girl seeks refuge in nature, by walking through the empty woods or skinny-dipping in the local, The Thorsborne Trail is an ungraded trail and is rough with loose stones, difficult, Eventually the county bookmobile began stockpiling books for me, bringing them over dirt roads as rough as, Water was pumped by an old fire-engine from the, She wondered why salmon were disappearing from the little, American elm, honey locust, and box elder line the small, In the morning we were off early, following the, In the August sunshine the salmon battle their way upstream against the fast flowing, A storm broke, sending them home early, but they got caught crossing a rapidly rising, The complex of ranch buildings spreads across a grassy verge above a tumbling, Over the next few weeks I sussed out the tide timetable and went down to the, I walked in rain and got kissed and saw bright green grass and heard a, John McMillan, who is believed to have named the, Fluffy white layers drape the branches of maples and hemlocks overhanging the road and the frozen, Paleocene fossil outcrops abound in the glauconite rich gray clay substrata of the, He made a weekly trip up into the mountains in the Gold Coast hinterland to fill up plastic containers with, Residents wondered what had caused the suds, and worried the soap might have a detrimental affect on fish in the, For instance, kingfishers and sungrebes fly ahead and away from boats heading up or down the, They visited the area, replete with a freshwater pond, acres and acres of oyster beds, and access to a saltwater, Of these, bluehead chubs and creek chubs were the two most abundant species in the, Finally, we analyzed the spatial spread of bluehead chubs and, Across the road from our house was a pasture with cows and other animals, and behind our property was a flowing, The court heard the woman passed out and was dragged unconscious from the, He is reopening a cold case from 2001 in which a 46-year-old Wichita woman was strangled and dumped in a, In this case, the floor drain provided a conduit to the storm water sewer and a nearby, Hooper led his men over plowed fields in search of a place to cross the, She'd feed Gypsy cold corn pones and they'd run a mile or so to the, With flood irrigation, the water table near the, I never thought I would care about the difference between, He said he's satisfied that because of heavy rains which flushed the detergent out, no permanent damage was done to the, Introduced species of flora like crack willows had choked and badly affected water quality in the, To reach the village the soldiers had to cross a small tidal, Shouts of protest ensue when students realize they have to ford a, Then during the spring months, the mesh bags are planted on, The equestrian trails are densely wooded, rocky and hilly with several small, Her lion tail flicked idly behind her as she walked towards the nearby, After hours of hard training, everyone took turns taking baths in a nearby, Damp mornings are excellent for this detail, especially in low areas such as draws and, Firefighters used a fork lift truck to rescue a stricken horse from a muddy, They turned away from the waterfall and watched the, Great thinking Julie, we would been up the, That could only last a short time, and any service requiring samples would be up the, In the 19th century, the area was a quagmire with a, One summer day, I spent several idle moments beside a still, shallow, At one point, we rounded a blind corner and startled a gigantic grizzly sow and her cub as they crossed a shallow, rocky, I grabbed a ratty towel from the outhouse bathroom and jogged away in the direction of the, Then he lifted me up and I could see a beautiful, Lower down, Galaxias maculatus were found trapped in the, A second site done shortly afterward was completed in two days flat, largely due to efficiencies gained in diverting the, The Kickapoos quirted their ponies upslope from the, To the laughter of those around me, I marched him to the, An old family friend had hooked a lateen sail while fishing at a local, She'd found plenty of driftwood and deadfalls in the vicinity of the gazebo, enough to construct a crude lean-to on the, It took her to a small rivulet that branched off from the main rush of the, The rolling fairways are lined with coconut trees, royal palms and tall pines, and a small, Gingin is located in a small green gully sitting astride a nondescript, The giant reached down and took his son by the hand, leading him off to a nearby, I will think of you, briefly, as we meander along the, Soon after I was judged old enough to accompany the adults on squirrel hunts, my grandfather led me to a huge beech tree on a little branch of the, As at Goshen, these craft, because of the narrowness of the, In February 2011, during a winter storm, a tree fell into a, The engine, baggage car, coach, and chair car fell into the, She meant Plaza Towers Elementary School on the other side of the, He awoke with first light, stumbled out, stiff and unrested, went to the, At this elevation, the dominant plant communities are pine-oak-juniper scrub in xeric areas and sycamore-cottonwood-walnut forest along the mesic, In my memory and imagination, I always associate them with many picnics in many places, boiling the billy in their shade, by beach, river, lake, lagoon or, As mentioned earlier, the only childhood task I dreaded more than fetching things was hauling combustibles, like paper, down to the shacks by the, There were other falls, other cascades and exciting spurts of white water in the canyon, and also quiet stretches so clear that each stone lay as if painted on the, So as if anyone informed on us, they wouldn't find the larger distill further down the, Hiking a slope to the east, I rose above one of the world's great mountain scenes, trout leaping in the lazy, The water rushed over and around the smooth stones and rock ledges that made up the, Perched high on an escarpment above the Cibolo, The job, located in an established, upscale residential development, required reshaping 150 ft of the eroded banks of a, After a lengthy and difficult approval process, Seymour has obtained permission to clear up to 450 lineal feet of vegetation along any portion of the, Anya let the cool water run over her as she lay down in the shallow, The rushing water left a hole about 20 metres deep and 40 metres wide in a road near Salem, and a car that plunged into the crater landed on its top in a, A mourning dove cooed in the distance, accompanied by the never-ending drone of dragonflies and cicadas in the, The green is jealously guarded by numerous bunkers and a little, Find a shady residential street or a parkway near a lake or, The seven men had spread out and were riding along the dry, He was also well aware that many of the reservation's sixty-five hundred residents lived near the, He earned his nickname playing near a muddy, Karen had her apron full of herbs picked in the meadow near the, Washing, a central feature of household life, could be done in a wash house or at a, Once at the overlook, keep your eyes peeled for water ouzels in the, They would sneak along the creek to where it just passed the back of the farmhouse belonging to Jonathan Lawson, an uppity old hermit who insisted he owned the, They ventured through the old rust belt of inner city Melbourne and along the merry, The site became a superfund in 1983 and since then some of the largest sources of contamination to the, Nearby, a smaller lake was created by damming a tributary, We got the bottle of vodka, come down the, You'd be able to kayak to work, or maybe spend your Sunday wending your way through a small, Lakeward, partly hidden by a fringe of trees, was a green little meadow through which a. My theory is that the unfulfilled heightened desire will channel itself into a more meaningful non-sexual relationship. A number of gum-tree creeks come from the ranges and seem to empty themselves in the plains. meaningful in a sentence - Use "meaningful" in a sentence 1. Add your answer and earn points. On Thursday, the police were combing the creek for bodies. Most writing handbooks insist that incomplete sentences--or fragments--are errors that need to be corrected.As Toby Fulwiler and Alan Hayakawa say in The Blair Handbook (Prentice Hall, 2003), "The problem with a fragment is its incompleteness. ... We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Use the ratio in a meaningful sentence. How to use creeks in a sentence. Strive to make every day joyful and meaningful.