• Mapping a New Biology

    One of the most vital endeavors of being human is to discover anything that limits our ability to thrive. Sometimes we must come to redefine what this means for us personally.

    The wisdom is already within you. You are more powerful than you imagine.
  • Living Beyond Limitation

    Research is revealing unprecedented information on how stress, thoughts and emotions can impact our biology and mental well being. Through this practice you can learn how to shift habits that limit or deplete you.


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The Power

In the past 20 years our knowledge of the brain and body has grown exponentially, deepening our understanding of how our thoughts, emotions and stress impact our health and lives. Discovering what limits our sense of self and our energies takes persistence, curiosity and skillful attention. It is a process of exploration and invention that we are responsible to participate in with our own inherent wisdom.

The Practice

Sound Body Wisdom is an experiential form that integrates somatic therapies, innovative techniques, awareness and body based practices. It draws upon the research and wisdom of mind body techniques, creative expression and neuroscience to offer practical insight and deeper learning into one’s own experience of body, mind and spirit. This is a (r)evolutionary approach to living the life you desire and learning a new biology of your Self.

The Potential

I have seen time and again that there is no limit to the possibilities when an individual meets themselves with curiosity and kindness. This practice reminds us that we each have infinite potential to thrive and an abundance of tools to support this. It is up to us to engage and adapt the tools, teachings and exercises we find in this life to be fully embodied and live beyond any limitations.