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1: The Journey Begins

This is the first podcast in the series and it took the shape of an interview between myself and Sam Fisher. He asks questions about this practice and why I began developing and sharing it. This podcast will explore our being human and offer tools and insights through the Sound Body Wisdom practice. It’s a space of possibility expanded by science, mind-body practices and personal wisdom.


2: The Invitation

In this second podcast of the series I offer an invitation to explore our core resources. We each have these amazing super powers but we sometimes forget that they are there for us to access. In this podcast, I make the proposal for why each of us is more brilliant than we currently imagine.


3: Awareness is Key

This podcast discusses the workings of our unconscious and how awareness empowers us to make changes in our habits and conditioning. There is also a simple exercise to help grow your personal awareness and connect the dots of the practice.


4: Our Relationship to the Unconscious

This podcast explores the nature of the unconscious, how it interacts in our life and ways to shift our relationship to it. Developing our awareness and learning to interact with our unconscious is a game changer. For more insights and exercises you can check out Sound Body Wisdom.com.


5: Awareness Insight and Exercise

I have been speaking to the importance of awareness and why it is essential. Here is a simple exercise I call ‘Body Scan’ to help you build your personal awareness. You can do it in as little as a few minutes or longer when you have the time


6: Our Inner Tribe and the Power of Relationship

This podcast offers a different perspective for the ways we relate to our emotions, moods, habits of inner chatter and the impact it all has on us. Inner Tribe is a metaphor and a technique for working with our unconscious and the ways it directly influences. Each of us has so many different parts of ourselves that show up moment to moment. They can range from joy filled to angry to anxious, and anything in between. These parts of us show up based on a variety of internal or external stimulus. The key is noticing when they arrive and then knowing how to develop your relationship with them.


7: Reframing our Relationship with Stress

This podcast gives an overview of how the nervous system functions in relation to stress as well as looking at the difference between physical threats and perceived stressors. Our bodies are amazing! They are designed to meet stress but we need to understand the importance of having a more flexible nervous system and what getst in our way of this. Super simple exercises are included in the podcast for you to explore.


8: A Conversation: The Unconscious and the Practice

This podcast is a recording of some great ‘kitchen table’ conversation. We talk about the unconscious and also dive into some of the benefits and challenges of the practice. These types of conversations are always really juicy to me. They bring insight as well as compassion for this being human!


9: Loving without Conditions

In this podcast we explore the power of unconditioned love, especially for oneself. I offer insights about the physiology of love and its healing powers. We are wired for love and designed for growth. No matter what we have learned previously in our life, we can cultivate unconditional love as a new habit.


10: Mind Body Pep Talk

This podcast is a brief yet vibrant reminder for why we are so amazing! It’s an overview and pep talk about our mind body potential and why I so deeply believe in the power within each of us.


11: Mind Body for Daily Living

A conversation exploring Mind Body and how the tools and resources of it are with us every day. What does it mean and how do we access it to grow our lives? My friend Sam and I sit down to talk about it.


12: Build a Relationship with Yourself

This podcast talks about the Inner Love Posse (aka: Inner Tribe). It offers more insight into how we can develop a relationship with all parts of ourselves. Awareness and curiosity towards all aspects of who we are can support us moving towards balance and well being.


13: Simple Self Awareness Exercise

This short exercise lays the groundwork for developing your awareness. It’s simple, effective and builds a strong foundation through practice.


14: Getting to Know Comfort

We are creatures of comfort on many levels. In this podcast we explore aspects of comfort as it relates to uncertainty in our life. Comfort is a great indicator for change.


15: Choosing a Perspective

In this episode we explore the possibility of finding new and different perspectives and how this can change our experience of situations, memories and our life.


16: One of the Most Important Life Skills: Self Kindness

In this episode we explore the important life skill of self kindness. It is a game changer that allows us to create more joy, resource and ease from the inside out.


17: Self Kindness Continued

Because it is so important it deserved another episode… to go deeper and explore more layers. We are wired for Kindness so let’s follow our curiosity, learn more and shift our inner landscape.


18: Inner Landscape and Skills of Navigation

In this podcast we touch into our Inner Landscape and the skills we need to become master map makers for our lives.


19: Radical Embodiment

The power of words, perceptions and getting to the root of how we grow in our Practice of the Self.


20: The Relational Nature of Words

In this episode I am bringing our attention to the more unconscious layers and the many different aspects that are a part of language and communication. We will take a look at the part of the iceberg that is below the surface, the deeper influences or responses we have….and acknowledge the multitude of things that influence how we speak, hear, perceive, interpret and engage in communication with words.


21: The Metaphor of Bridges

In this podcast we explore how the metaphor of bridges can help us to make connections in our inner landscape to have more personal insight and resources.


22: The Practice of Active Listening

The practice of listening can have many layers and meanings. In this episode, we explore how it can support growing our relationship to self and other through focused awareness and active engagement.


23: To See and Be Seen

In this episode we explore the essential human need of ‘to see and be seen’….why it is important, and how we can reconnect and cultivate our engagement with it.

24: Growing Equal Ground in a Big World

In this episode we explore some big concepts to find our personal path towards growing equal ground in our day to day lives.

25. Exploring Balance in our Life

In this short episode we reflect and explore upon how balance moves throughout our life.

26. Mapping Stress

In this episode we are looking at how the nature of stress and our biological ability to navigate it have evolved. We have so many resources and one of them is our ability to train our minds.

27. Our Connection to Well Being

In this episode we reflect on how our connection to ourselves supports our well being. And we look at ways that external narratives and ideas can influence us and our well being.

28. How It All Connects

In this episode I share about the “why” for what I do, the big picture of this practice and the energy that connects it all.

29. Inside Out: Skills, Parts and Your Practice

In this episode we learn more about the Inner Landscape, our Parts and Authentic Self. We explore the framework and learn why and how to apply our skills (Awareness, Kindness and Curiosity) to develop our Inner Society with the dynamics of cohesion, connection and collaboration. All in service to you making chosen changes in how you think, feel and act.