Core principles and insights

My practice is based on these core principles:

  • Everything you need is already inside of YOU
  • Unwinding stress is critical in every arena of living well
  • We each have our own individual and unique map on this path
  • Self love is the foundation upon which all of life is designed
  • Developing self-awareness is key
  • There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’

I strongly believe that everything we need is inside of us and through our awareness, cultivation of love and curiosity we can discover how to engage this inner wealth of tools and wisdom. This might happen through personal insight and sometimes with the assistance of another person or experience. No matter how you get there it is about nourishing and nurturing that which already dwells within.

We can see that wanting to feel ‘good’, happy and at ease with oneself seems to be a significant desire when we look at the number of books, workshops, therapists and techniques available to us to achieve this. More and more there is an idea that who or how we are is not ‘good enough’ and what we want to be or ‘should be’ is found outside of us. That it is something external and perhaps even unobtainable.

Quite often I hear people express disbelief or joke ‘not in this lifetime’ when I talk about falling in love with themselves.
Why has this possibility been seemingly allocated to a small group of ‘special’ people? Why do we not believe it is our birthright and potential within us right now?

Science is giving us more insight and research to affirm the power and potential of our own brains. We now understand that if we change our negative thoughts/emotions and change our relationship to stress, we can learn to create improved health, feelings of wellness, livelihood and more fully realized lives. This is not science fiction or whimsical notions….this is the power and capacity each of us has at this very moment. It is not a simple practice to discover the layers in place that limit us from fully thriving in our lives. But it is a practice once undertaken that will radically change your life.
I believe that each of us has a unique and individual map for discovering the limitations that have been put in place. Limitations that cause illness, depression, lack of vitality and early onset aging. I believe that there is not one method that works for everyone. I believe that each of us needs to take responsibility to learn our inner language.

I empower people to improvise with their own tools and current wisdom: to learn new tools to help speak their own language and unlock the map. Nobody can do this for you and there is not one perfect formula for all. Books and teachers might offer a glimpse or inspiration but often don’t help the individual develop their own specialized skills.

My commitment is to work one on one with people, helping them design their own unique and adaptable practice that serves them for their lifetime.
My intention is to offer support in developing your superpowers.