• Perhaps the best medicine dwells within us

    The first step is simply being curious and open to learning about yourself. The next step is unwinding stress and conditioned patterns that prevent you from thriving. This practice can radically change your life with techniques for  Mind Mapping™, awareness, relieving stress and moving beyond limitations!



    Welcome to the space of possibility

  • Mind Mapping™ and living fully

    Research is revealing unprecedented information about how stress, thoughts and emotions can impact our brains, physiology and mental well being. Through this practice (and play) you will learn the power of authentic awareness and remapping the habits of your brain that do not serve you. You will learn techniques for working with limiting patterns so you can design your own health, well being and enjoy your vibrant life.


The Power

Research is revealing the critical impact of stress on our physical, emotional and mental well being and the role our brains play in being able to shift these detrimental patterns. We can retrain our brains through tools unique to each of our needs and embody greater health, well being and vibrancy. Every one of us is unique and deserves to feel healthy and in balance. Discovering the challenges limiting our sense of wellness & vivacity takes persistence, care and skillful attention. It is a process of exploration & invention. We are responsible to participate with our own inherent wisdom but guidance from a skilled practitioner can be essential.

The Practice

This is a practice grounded in extensive training, experience and practical knowledge woven with wisdom traditions, intuitive arts and the realms of spirit/energy. A balance of mind, body and spirit practice that is both palpable and intangible. The direction and tools are informed by the individual. There is infinite potential in understanding the impact of stress on our brain/body and the power of awareness to change limiting thoughts and emotions perceived as stress.

The Potential

In the past 20 years our knowledge of the brain has doubled. This breakthrough in how our thoughts, emotions & stress impact our health and lives gives us unprecedented insight to engage potential. Each of us has the ability to shift the habits of the brain and build more optimal pathways through skillful choices and tools unique to our own needs. It takes practice but we can retrain our brain habits towards more positivity and less stress and consequently create the lives we desire. Exercise, healthy eating and now, mental retraining, are showing us how to better thrive in our lives.