Change the World with Love

How can we be allies for one another in this world if each of us isn’t doing the practice and the ‘work’?
How can we expect others to evolve if we aren’t committed to loving ourselves and taking responsibility for our own thoughts and actions?
The task of taking responsibility of our thoughts alone is a critical job and one that we most often fall into complacency. We neglect to realize the importance of this.
Or sometimes we become a bit spiritually inflated and think that we have done our work and the issues at hand are due to others not being ‘self aware’.

Self awareness is an ongoing process and not one that reaches an end point.

It is a day to day activity and will evolve throughout our lives. No one is exempt from this human obligation.

From the moment we emerge from the womb we are taking in and taking on. We are absorbing and shaping. So many functions necessary for motor skills and function. And also so much conditioning that doesn’t necessarily serve us in and connected to the world.
Children at a young age are not being taught how to think for themselves. It seems we created a paradigm that feeds us with so much information pre packaged and that then puts us on a fast track into adulthood that we don’t have time to question or even have curiosity naturally emerge.
What happened?
For the most part we have been sold a bill of goods. It seems like the exception for someone to actually step outside the ‘norm’; outside of societal structure and ask ‘who am I’, ‘what do I like’, ‘how do I think’?
I am not suggesting that what we learn in school or through societal normatives is false…..I am simply offering that you ask the questions and arrive at your own ‘answers’ and perhaps they will be the same as those that have come before. Perhaps not.

You are the one best able to learn yourself

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