Self Love is the Foundation

The essence of my teaching is (and has been) from this place of learning radical self love without conditions.  My belief in this as a life changer and as the greatest ‘nutrition’ has been constant.  I have often allowed for a more ‘back door’ approach, which means that I am still teaching this principle, but without labeling it as such.  In this manner language and judgments do not create a barrier so it can be accessed and absorbed on the subtle levels.

These days I am simply more inclined to speak it out loud and help create a bridge to access it with deep clarity.  Self Love and kindness are the deepest medicine, nutrition and guide towards optimal health and living beyond limitations.  The research, studies and science are all there to back this up.  We are not making wild leaps about this anymore.  We are discovering, at an exponential rate, a boundless level of intelligence within the mind/body connection.  We have a road ahead of us to unwind what we previously thought was ‘fact’.  And certainly there are still many who don’t put much stock in any of this.  But we cannot deny what is being discovered, presented and experienced. What would anyone have to lose by allowing themselves to learn these techniques towards authentic self love and kindness?  There is so much that can be accessed in this ‘laboratory of the self’ to move each of us beyond limitations.

This is a place beyond simply surviving and truly living & thriving.  Each of us can achieve this.

When I sit with the many maladies and struggles in the world it all seems to come back to this:  Cultivating Self Love is essential.

Everything follows a thread back to how we feel in our own body, mind & spirit. If we feel small, disempowered or irrelevant in our lives in any way it becomes seamless to perpetuate this in the ways it plays out in society: towards others and towards self.

But imagine a world where each of us feels powerful (empowered), seen and filled with unconditioned love and respect for oneself. I believe that this ‘evolution’ is on the table for us as a species. It is absolutely possible. I have witnessed & experienced this. We have the potential to evolve away from feeling disempowered, self-deprecating or small. And when we are able to dwell in our own being with a balance of love, respect and empowerment, the world around us (our lives) transforms. The ripple effect is profound. When we no longer feel small and insignificant it truly becomes impossible to treat others in this way. If we feel unconditioned love and kindness for self then this too will be perpetuated.

It takes practice to unwind and dismantle these ways we have learned and shift the patterns that are in place. With awareness and intention we can change/shift factors we assumed were mandatory for being human.  Ways we have simply accepted.

 We don’t have to pay forward the imbalanced elements we have learned about our ‘significance’, ‘worth’, judgement and self love .

This means each person taking responsibility. To be accountable for themselves and letting go of the mind maps that don’t nourish us and in fact drain us. These thought patterns, conditioning and behaviors become quite toxic for us over time. We may not notice them until they begin to manifest on the physical level, but they can take their toll. So I believe each person must be responsible and respond. Take action and make choices to shift away from what separates them from unconditioned love. Because when you develop self love into your natural state, you no longer feel a desire to continue toxic thinking, behaviors or situations. Because in the world of physics there are principles of entrainment and resonance that demonstrate how elements are attracted or affected by one another. We see this in nature, the solar system and in our own bodies. In a sense, what you believe is what you create. How you feel about yourself is a key element in what you attract or invite into your life.

On an energetic level we can generally distill our inner guidance down to either Love or Fear. And I think of fear as simply an absence of love because I believe Self Love is our fundamental currency and life force.

Which of these do you want to nourish?

I have no question how revolutionary and evolutionary these changes and choices are/can be. And whether or not we choose individually to shift this conditioning within us is not to be judged. I don’t believe in attachment to an idea of ‘better’ or the language of ‘bad or ‘good’. I believe that awareness creates the potential for choice and choice is empowerment. You can choose Self Love and empower yourself towards profound health and wellness.

So I speak this truth. I offer what I have learned, seen and felt. I am humbled to be in ally-ship with others to follow their curiosity and make changes if they choose.

Everything for me comes back to this: ‘can you truly fall in love with yourself without conditions?’  And then be loving & curious with the response you hear/feel.

Never doubt the significance of each breath and every thought in the magnificent being that is YOU (and me).

Truly, love releases us from our attachment to control life, elevate or minimize self or others. Unconditioned love balances the inner dynamics and supports how we can meet the external world.

This being human is truly complicated and yet it is also so simple. Each of us has our own unique journey in discovering what this means for ourselves.

We must start with a personal curiosity about our own theater of the mind and emotions, and go from there.

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