Do you offer workshops or private sessions?

I offer both. I have taught workshops around the globe and for a wide range of communities. I enjoy the energy of both groups and one-on-one time. In some instances where I have been brought to teach a workshop I have also done private sessions with individuals who had experienced the work with the group. The foundation of my work translates in both of these settings. There are obvious differences for the individual experience but both offer a range of benefits. It all depends on what you are seeking.

How can I know if we will work well together?

Our relationship is important and that’s why I have a free consultation available. It gives us both the opportunity to see how we feel about one another. After this initial contact, we can decide if we want to begin our work together. Having this time to connect offers us both important insights as far as moving forward.

Do you work with couples?

Yes, I work with couples and have seen the tools of this practice be incredibly potent in the context of a relationship. As with individuals, we would use the 20 minute consultation to get to know one another and what the intention of the work would be for both the relationship and each person.

Do you work with youth?

Absolutely, I work with youth in consult with their parent or guardian. Learning these tools at a young age can help the individual find empowerment and insight to take into adulthood. I also work with the parents to help guide them in learning new tools to meet their child. This practice can support the young person and also the dynamics of the entire family.

Are you the same as a career coach?

I am certainly a coach and offer tools for essential life skills. But I am different than the standard ‘career coach’ in that I am not focusing on career, job or your work in any singular way. Our focus will be on developing your tools for creating and maintaining a strong and flexible core within yourself. It is from this core that you will meet and unfold all areas of your life, living beyond limitations and discovering how to thrive.

Is there a ‘spiritual’ element to this practice?

This is a great question and I suppose it depends on what ‘spiritual’ means to you. I don’t teach any particular tradition or recognized spiritual practice but simply tools for learning to listen to your own inner world with love and compassion. New perspectives might appear, a quieting and softening towards certain habits, but it is all sourced from the wealth of radiance that is already within you.

What if I just want to get some insight into my life…can this practice help?

That sounds amazing and YES this practice is all about developing your insights through awareness. You can even choose to take it a step further and use those insights to spur changes you might want to make. The tools are available and your insights are your superpowers.

How long does this practice take?

This depends on the person, their intentions and the commitment they are able to make in the first couple months towards consistency with the practice. Any new habit or change takes repetition, practice and consistent attention. There are many factors that will influence your relationship to this work but it is possible to see changes within the first few months. Based on all of this, my hope is that you will then have tools you are cultivating for yourself. And after those first few months we will just have occasional ‘tune ups’ to check in.

Do you offer scholarships?

I do offer scholarships as well as sliding scale. I am always open to discussing what is possible.

Is there anyone you don’t work with?

The first thought I have to that question is that it doesn’t makes sense to work with anyone not willing to commit to the practice. Anyone I work with needs to be interested and willing. Other than that, I would need to take into consideration anyone that is having intense emotional phases for which they are under a doctor’s care. This would be discussed during the initial consult.


Work with me if….

You are curious about unwinding any habits in your life

You feel there are limitations that are keeping you stuck

You are wanting to make changes in patterns you have developed

You want to learn more about how to train your mind

You know you want tools that will serve you for a lifetime

You know you can feel more empowered but are not sure how

You catch glimpses of other possibilities for yourself and your life