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IMG_0495Sound Body Wisdom believes in the individual blueprint of each of our lives.
This extends into what will be most effective for optimizing our health and wellness….our vivacity that underlies all that we do.

Every one of us is unique and deserves to feel healthy and in balance.
Discovering the challenges of what can limit our sense of wellness takes persistence, care and skillful attention.




Ideas of health and wellness are vast and varied.
With so much information available to us it can feel overwhelming or simply confusing. We are finding new challenges and our existing systems are falling short in restoring balance to our bodies, minds and hearts. The idea of one size fits all has never truly worked well and now more than ever we are seeing the necessity to recognize our comprehensive individuality. We need to look at our health and environments with fresh perspectives and a willingness to ask questions. We need to discover for ourselves, with the support of others, what health means.

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