Awareness insight and exercise

I have been speaking to the importance of awareness and why it is essential. Here is a simple exercise I call ‘Body Scan’ to help you build your personal awareness. You can do it in as little as a few minutes or longer when you have the time. This episode offers you the basics so you […]

Awareness is Key

This podcast discusses the workings of our unconscious and how awareness empowers us to make changes in our habits and conditioning. There is also a simple exercise to help grow your personal awareness and connect the dots of the practice. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

simple exercise (part 2)

Here is a simple ‘meditation’ exercise that might help with the practice of ~awareness ~pause ~choice -Set aside 5 minutes. -Sit somewhere you are comfortable and without too many external distractions. -Set a timer if you can so you aren’t thinking about how much time has gone by. -Now just sit. Set an intention to […]