About the practice

Whether in a group workshop or private session, Sound Body Wisdom is about you.
It’s about discovering a new way of experiencing yourself and your life. It’s a potent practice for greater personal growth and resource.

Sound Body Wisdom emphasizes the art of awareness and the capacity to sense, feel and think in each situation, re-learning and integrating our physical, emotional and creative bodies. We each have the innate capacity to continue to grow and evolve, developing our relationship to self, others and our environments. Part of this evolution begins by leaving behind our limited sense of self and expanding into new ways of knowing.

Sound Body Wisdom believes awareness, movement, voice, breath and curiosity are the very foundations of life and key ingredients for being fully alive. It supports the wisdom of inner connectivity leading to outer expressivity. It seeks to understand what prevents us from being fully embodied, empowered and enlivened through the latest research in neuroscience and the wisdom of the body.

The work is steeped in embodiment, mind body and meditation techniques and serves to invigorate and nourish while expanding our sense of awareness and personal wisdom. I integrate these techniques, personal expression and neuroscience to create a space of curiosity and growth. Our mind body complex is an infinite resource for creating our lives and Sound Body Wisdom draws upon its vast potential.

Sound Body Wisdom is a somatic approach to an unfolding of energy, expression and discovery. It is an awareness practice that draws on the qualities of movement, breath, voice and rhythm and uses them as vehicles for cultivating compassion and wisdom as well as creative exchange and expression.

This work supports you tapping into more personal energy, insight and possibility.
It’s an active practice that calls upon body and mind to work together with awareness. You will learn new skills for moving beyond limitations and towards greater freedom. As you develop your new habits you will realize that what you are cultivating is for a lifetime.

I first developed this practice as a way to support myself and then integrated it into my workshops where I saw the difference it made for so many. I continue to cultivate these tools to provide support for anyone wanting to tap their inner resources for more energy, insight and change in their life.

What I offer are the wisdom and skills of my somatic, expressive arts, counseling and nutritional training combined with my over 25 years of facilitation work, neuroscience research, practical application and immersion in wisdom traditions on several continents. I have been developing these techniques for over a decade and am constantly refining them as I use them in my own life. I have been delighted and grateful to work with so many people over the years as I grow my tapestry of experience, skills and insight.

Ultimately, I support people in discovering how to use their superpowers.
I offer insights, tools and guidance for exploration and learning more about using this inner power. I am committed to and believe in the wisdom of each person.

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