I am delighted you are taking a step towards investing in yourself. There is nothing more essential and vital than YOU.

To get started, the first step is to contact me.

Workshops: We will discuss your interests, number of participants and choose what will work best overall.

Private Sessions: We will start with your Free 20 minute consultation. This will help us decide if we are a good fit in doing this work together.
In moving forward I will be your best ally and coach in supporting you make the changes you desire, learning about unconscious habits or exploring that unsettled ache inside.
Our time together is important and I have learned that this work is best served by inclusive packages blending personalized sessions and dedicated communication to develop real time tools, insight and feedback.


Sessions include phone or Skype appointments as well as email support.  The number of sessions and amount of support will be decided by the length of the package we decide upon.

If you are ready to invest in yourself than I am here to invest in you. Contact me now
to discuss packages and rates in detail.

Financial considerations, scholarship and work trade are available so please inquire. Financial concerns should not be a barrier to your accessing this work. 
I will occasionally work with clients for one individual session even though this work is best served by consistency. I will consider this possibility after our initial consult.

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